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Joined: 01/11/2012

Hello Everyone,
A pleasure to meet you. My name is Mackenzie Cameron, hobbyist board game designer and creator of OverBoard: The Board Game Webcomic.

I have over a dozen prototypes, and lots of room to improve. I'm happy to help folks out in any way needed, and I'm also here to learn.

I'm fresh out of school with a bachelors degree in writing, and I'm fascinated by the ability games have to create interactive narrative. Especially board games.

As a designer my style leans towards American Themed/Designer games with Eurostrategy elements to a lesser extent. I'm a big fan of mechanics that involve roles, induvidual win conditions, and primary pieces that represent the player. I'll play just about anything, but I respect games that are easy to learn, difficult to master, and are incredibly immersive.

My two favorite games are Betrayal at House the on Hill and Puerto Rico. Betrayal for reasons listed above and it's super fun, and Puerto Rico for being an open game with few random elements that makes it a test of skill.

I live in Boston, love Pax East, and work at Eureka Puzzles. I've submitted several designs to Z-man games to no response, and plan to step up my efforts this year to get a game published.

Again a pleasure to be here, wish you all the best on your projects too.


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