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Hello all,

What a great resource for those of us interested in physical, hands-on, board and card games.
A few years ago I had the opportunity to self-publish a novel, and while writing in general is my passion I have always been a gamer. What better way to combine these two interests than through the development of my own games?

I currently have 3 projects underway. FEED THE FISH! is a co-operative card game aimed at a young audience, in which you work together to feed all the fish in the pile before the tank becomes overcrowded. I recently produced a play-test deck and ran through several games with my son and his friends, and it was well received. A few tweaks along the way and I'm pretty happy with it so far.

Next is Leader of the Pack, a competitive card game modeled after Monopoly Deal, where wolf packs compete to claim territory and resources. I'm trying to work in a 'combat' system to create more of a challenge and better simulate staking and holding claim on a territory. Still developing this one, it's all on paper at the moment.

Lastly is a board game I'm currently calling Junglesaurus, although I'm not overly sold on the name. It's a co-operative adventure game I was inspired to create after falling in love with Betrayal at the House on the Hill. Players arrive as a group on an island overrun by dinosaurs. There are various smaller tasks the group must complete in order to win the game, but if they fail too many of them they risk triggering a major, game changing event. This one is far from complete, but I have the mechanics down and just need to develop more adventures and major events.

I look forward to contributing and interacting with the community here and hope we can all work together to help each other!

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