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New Golf Board Game

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Glen Phillips B...
Joined: 09/06/2012

A few years back 2003, I made 4 game boards from wood, 2 for a 4 player board, and 2 for a 2 player board. Having held tournaments at the 3rd & 4th grade levels, the kids liked the game. Well in 2012 I refiled my provisional patent and now have decided to go forward with the game. Simple, fun, challenging and different my daughter and great-granddaughter have made be aware it's time to get off the pot! In over 1000 games the highest score has been by a 10 year old scoring 83 out of a possible 100, my average is about 62 points. You simply use your finger for a club and hit the golf ball about 8 inches into one of the green center 5 point holes 20 time for a perfect game. However, their are 4 other minus point holes of negative 2, that can and does make it challenging. The total holes of 21, with plus 4, plus 3 and minus or negative 1 for being to agressive and knocking the golf ball off the board is also possible. A 3 dimentinal board size of 12" X 18" by 1/2" in depth is the 2 player board, striking the regular golf ball off a shortened embedded tee into the plus or minus holes. The 4 player board size 18" X 18" with 4 shortned embedded tees for each player is the photo I have attached. Now...where do I go to Mfg. a complete package including graphics, to achieve a final product?
I anticipate sales from a new website, and beginning order of...1500 games. I need your help I'm 78 years old and you may see my present website at: (Unrelated website removed) Glen Phillips Burrough (Picture of Game to follow)

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