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Shadree's introduction

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Joined: 06/21/2015

Greetings one and all! I am Shadree (aka Adrian from South Australia). Being of a creative mind, I've tried my hand at a few endeavours including - but not limited to - song writing, video games, poetry, papercraft, comics and, of course, board games!

I joined BGDF because I wanted to get help putting together a board game idea and make it look somewhat professional. I had originally planned to make a board game for my niece and nephew to play during the school holidays but this new idea proved a bit more complicated. I will be posting these dilemmas in a seperate thread, though.

My only board game creation (I can recall/still have) is a non-birthday gift for my younger brother: "Ren & Stimpy: Search for the Powdered Toast". I may post more details about it if people wish/I get around to it.

I hope I can be a good member of this community and am always ready to to put my hand up as much as I need a hand out. I think that's the right expression.

For anyone interested, I post most of my stuff on deviantArt but I'll include a link for my music as well.

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