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A Storm is on the Horizon - A Welcome post from Giant Goblin Games

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Joined: 01/20/2011
Goblin Sappa

Hey all fellow board game enthusiasts!

My name is Rich and I run Giant Goblin Games ( We're prepping to launch our first game, Storm the Castle!, on KickStarter.

STC is a 4-player semi-cooperative fantasy game where players, who take on 1 of the 4 Dark Force armies, race to crush castle walls and overrun the defenders to be the first to enter the keep. Each army (The Undead Horde, Green Tide (comprised of Orcs, Giants, and Goblins), Arcanists (a powerful arcane guild), and the Dark Elves) is unique in terms of powers, capabilities, and units.

I've been designing home-made games since I was but a wee lad' and recently decided to make this my full-time profession.

I'm excited to answer questions and contribute where possible and to meet you all.

Check us out online and on for more info.

Thanks all!


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