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Well, I'm New Here

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Joined: 05/15/2012

I'm a San Francisco Bay Area amateur game designer focusing primarily in more complex systems: RPGs and tabletop miniatures games, though I think the lessons here are relevant to my work and interests.

My current pet project is a fantasy miniatures battle game where players create and maintain a party of adventurers who fight other players' units, with a strong focus on leveling and gaining power. This is the project that I'm interested in getting published and produced.

It's been fairly heavily playtested by a small but disparate group of my friends, one who focuses on story-based game elements, one who focuses on finding flaws and 'weird' tricks, and one who tries to simply build the most effective combinations.

I'm interested in learning both about the troubles of publication as well as how one reaches a broader playtesting audience. As it's my first real production-worthy game, I'm more interested in it being played and enjoyed than it making me money, though I think it could, if well-supported, be profitable.

For the time being I'm mostly reading what others have said, but sooner or later I'll share more of the game and search for more personal ideas. Look forward to getting familiar with people here!

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