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the rival cycle
Joined: 05/25/2012

Howdy everyone! My name's Louis. I'm a big hobby gamer and have been playing board games and card games my whole life. I currently study Video Game Design and 3D Art in school and create and play games in my free time.

Currently I'm working some friends to put together a board game based on the characters and universe we've created in our own personal art and animation. We're a very goal-oriented group of people who are very passionate and motivated about creating art and games. We're very down-to-earth people as well, and we're open to critique and we welcome suggestions and improvements with open arms. We'd like to be able to do this for a living, bringing our 3D and 2D art and animation skills as well as video game designing skills into board gaming to develop fun games with great art.

We're currently in the prototyping stages of our first game and I'll be posting rules, artwork, and concepts in the forums in the near future and would LOVE to hear feedback from the community. We'd love for this game to be the best possible game it can be, but it'd be a huge achievement for us just to get it out for the world to see and enjoy our finished product. I look forward to discussing game creation with everyone here.

Until next time!

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