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Why hello there!

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Joined: 07/02/2013

My name is Paul and I recently started boardgame design.

Some background about myself is that I graduated with a Bdes in Graphic Design (with a thesis focused on deciphering the mechanics and making tangible objects of the NES version of Tetris). Currently work as a Barista in Toronto, while doing my boardgame thing on the side.

The Cards against Humanities Tabletop Deathmatch was what started it all. ~2 Months before the competition deadline, I decided to start and create a boardgame as a competition entry. My initial concepts started off as a time travelling game, which later turned into Outer Earth (a planetary space development game). I was fortunate enough to be selected as one of the 16 Finalists. I bought tickets to Indianapolis + GenCon and the experience over there was something I had never experienced before. Really fell in love with the community and potential!

The CAH competition brought me into tabletop game design but its the great people, interesting games and fabulous community that keeps me wanting to succeed in this field!

I am looking forward to discussing a wide variety of topics + meeting some cool people!

Please take care of me :D

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