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Development: "Coal N' Write"

-Direct Links-
Here's a link to the game sheets in PDF form. Last updated 19 February 2022 (rules version 7).

Game Rules:

Player Sheet, Single-Page Version:

Player Sheet, "Dee-Lux" Two-Page Version:

Boom Town Cards:

I'm developing a roll n' write game currently called Coal n' Write and would love some feedback on my prototype components and rule set. My current goal is to release this on the Internet in the first quarter of 2022, and/or possibly submitting it to contests and stuff like that. I'm proud of this game and I am confident people will find it reasonable to contribute a few buxxx to support my work.

-About the Game-

This is a roll n' write game that takes about 30 minutes to play solo, just under an hour for multiple players (it's been tested over 10 players at once, and that still seems completely manageable). I'd suggest ages 12 and up. You'll need the game sheets, at least 3 six-sided dice, and 10 - 12 counters of some kind per player. Each player should have something to write with. You won't need to erase anything.

Imagine that it’s the 1870’s, and you’ve just come into possession of a land claim. To your surprise, there’s the beginnings of a mineral mine dug into the side of a hill. You and two of your friends plan to dig out as much of the minerals as you can, cart it off to the General Store, and rake in the cash!

You have cleaned out your savings to buy a bunch of tools and hire six burros for your first foray into the mine. Your goal is to collect and sell as much of the valuable minerals from the mine that you can, and either invest your reward, or bank it for when you go back home. The mining team with the most riches after cashing-in six deliveries wins!

Visuals are not finalized, they are merely functional. Please tolerate those as best you can. It's more the legibility of the rules and how well someone can understand them while I'm not there that I need to know.

If you would like to offer feedback or have questions, please do so in this forum or via email (which is included at the top of the rule sheet). Any input you can provide would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance for your time!


Candles & Oil Pots

Woah... Those little oil cans hanging on the fronts of those hats (I dare not call them helmets!) are pretty outrageous. What a life those folks must have had. Thanks for passing along that link!

I sent that link to my artist, and I made a special request for a hat or two with a candle on it to appear in some of the flash pieces. We'll see what he comes up with.

Hoo Boy!

Art deal has been worked-through, and he's passed along a few more finished pieces. Here's one of 'em, for the "Horse Pow'r Tonic."

Rules Update: Version 7

Rules are updated to version 7. This is likely the final update before the fancy artwork is added in and legit layout is attempted.

Follow the links above to download from either my website or my neocities repository.

HUGE thanks to evansmind244 for rulebook edits and suggestions! The game just might be playable now without requiring me hovering over someone's shoulder. :)

Back from the Grave

Cn'W is back once again. :)

We're coming to "building season" here in western Montana, now that our year's harvest is officially over. I have more spare time indoors this time of year, so I intend to really, really, really release this game. ETA for a Kickstarter campaign is mid-February 2024. I like to do special things round my birthday, and this will be like a birthday gift to myself.

Some notes for those who may be curious about the game. See the image below for current status of the player sheets, as updated materials are not available for download at this time.

  • Adjusted position of the labels for different minerals.
  • Added and/or revised useful reminder text on the player sheets for different tasks.
  • "Mystery Minerals" are now on either side of the Coal deposits. It makes it more difficult for someone to acquire all of them, but I was aching for some symmetry in the layout and this helps.
  • Players can now visit Boom Town with a single die result of six, in addition to matching pairs or trios. This increases frequency of Town visits (which are borderline essential for successful play), and makes high numbers that much more valuable.
  • Fine-tuned some numbers on the Boom Town cards, particularly to reduce both down-time and imbalance in multiplayer games. Solo games are still king (in my book, anyway).
  • Hey questccg... I actually have white paper now for my photographs! ;)

I frickin' love this game. Regardless of how any crowd-funding campaign goes (and I do have a modest goal in mind), I know this is a solid entry into the world of print-and-play gaming, and works well in the solo game niche.

Should anyone have questions, requests for updated materials, etc. please post comments here. Thanks!

Here's one of my recent playtests:

PS: yes, I really do live and work on a homestead in rural western Montana. :)

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