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Dymino Monsters Update Jan 2 2023

Dymino Monsters: Update January 2, 2023

The letter A has been filled in for the Titan: Angellyca

Its feature has been filled in: Seven rotating spheres, four wings, many eyelets.

Environment, Skills, Actions are still blank at this time. But i do have some ideas.

44 Titans left to fill in.

Stayed tuned for more updates.


Dymino Monsters Update: Jan 3, 2023

4 hours ago:

Angellyca, Blaze Starllette, Cyclone Horn, Dhoncor

Features, Environment, Skills, Actions

Have been filled in.

41 Titans left to fill.



Keep up the good work!

I know it's hard to get motivated on LARGE projects ... You take it piece-meal and try to move forwards by completing different aspects of the game. One step at a time. Sometimes if you look at the whole picture ... You get overwhelmed, it's nice to hear that you are still focused on completing this HUGE project.

Congratulations on staying MOTIVATED and PUSHING forwards on Dymino Monsters.


What a SMALL World!!!

BTW I too have a Character in "Crystal Heroes" (CH) which is called: "Dhoncor". Hmm... What a pickle!


Nah... That can't be right. The odds are like 1:1,000,000 if not higher...

Just pulling your leg... Ha ha. I don't have such a character... But it would be astronomical odds that YOU and I have the SAME NAME of one of our characters.

Best of success with Dymino Monster.

(Hope this made you laugh!!! I was just kidding around... Wanted to know what YOUR reaction would have been...)


True Fact...

When I was designing Tradewars (precursor to TradeWorlds)... I was looking for names of Weapons. I found that the best thing was using names from people in my surrounding.

For example: Yetkai Disrupter Pulse. Sirois Death Ray. Arborean Torpedo.

They were all named after other residents! But only one made it into the 1st Edition of Tradewars (and subsequently TradeWorlds). Ha ha!

The other alternative was looking up names in the White Pages Phone book...! That was like AMAZING... All the cool names that I could never imagine at the touch of my fingertips. Funny enough, I was able to find COOL names that WORKED like: Riviera Gauss Rifle.

Anyhow... True Fact.


Yep, I chuckle. A name is a name and even if you did have it, the name, im cool with it.

Dhoncor The Titan in my game Dymino Monsters 2004-2023 has a pronunciation as (Dawn-Core).

Which also provides more meaning Dawn and Cor of the Sun or Sol.

Dhoncor Titan is a Stone humanoid, powdered by the four elements.


Thank you?

Im never overwhelmed by my any of my projects. This game Dymino Monsters of mine , i always knew it was going to be a large project. Back in April 2004, I just didn't know how big the project was going to be. But i knew it was going to be big. I wasn't worried about my projects being popular. Im just still amazed that the views are still rising after all these years and my game isn't self published yet. Im always motivated. Always seing the big picture. The details to the minute detail to the connection of the grand scale of things.

Im just a writer, tech guy in the board and card game world of life. Just doing my thang and sharing my game's progress. And yes im still working on the very minute details. Like a clock maker and so forth.
I put in my time, tons of research. Educational information, clues within clues, making the readers think, the Ah - ha moments. Im always motivated.

Oh , I so want this project to be so done. But for a project this large, like everyone else who work's on their projects for 2, 3 or 4 years. I so get it.
I know what it takes to finally get to the destination. This trip of the project, is just, well, taking the longer root.

I can not rush the project. If I do, the railroad bridge would fall and burn.

Its a wonderful thing to discover how far a person is willing to do something, enjoy it, still be motivated and keep moving and still going to see the destination even if that time passes 19 years in the making coming up in April. In August of 2004 is when i finally figured out just the attack and defense system for the game.

It took J.R.R. Tolkien 14 years to write his passion project.

I didn't know it was going to take so long but i kept going. I wanted to see what it would take to do what i have done. And if anyone asked about the hows, the why, on this game or any of my 33 other games, then i would have the answer.

Thank you for the kind words.
Bows respectfully;

Dawn-Core vs, Don-Corleone

See I knew we would BOTH put a different SPIN on the name! Mine is more ... Physical, Brutish, Forceful... Ha ha! And is about the DON Corleone Family.

Your version is more ethereal with Dawn and "Cor of the Sun"...

Still I don't have this character... But I liked my interpretation of yours!

No worries ... Your version is GOOD too...

But DON CORE... Sounded COOL too... Hehehehe!

Dymino Monsters Update Jan 8/9 2023

Here is what was completed last night and this morning on Jan 8,23 and Jan 9,23:

Grand Reaper

These 3 names are from the Rise of the Titans encyclopedia list.

13 left to fill in for the features, environment, skills and actions.

Then on to the next set of Titan Stats in the Birth Reign Second Era Titans list and there are 18.

There are only 38 Titan encounters not 44 ot 45. The reason with that high number is due to the Marional encounter. I kept adding the body parts as part of the number to make 45 or whatever. Lol. Silly me.

Not trying to through you all for a loop in my detail of organization. Slight miscalculations; More details to keep writing.

Jesse Aka: StormyKnight1976

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