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Merry Christmas

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And a Happy New Year!!!

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I was going to wait until the 25th December... But

I would like to take a moment to say that "Christmas" should be a time of peace and reassurance. Peace because we are in a couple tough crisis Globally which are never good when people are dying each and every day. Or just as bad, people's lives are being teared apart from the devastation of armed conflict.

I know we talk about games and the conflict in those games. Honestly if we could limit exposure to armed conflict to Board & Card Games (and Wargames) well it would be a good way to enjoy conflict in a peaceful manner.

And so I'd like to wish everyone a very "Merry Christmas" and if you don't celebrate, I am wishing you good times during this Holiday Season. I think for most people this is a time to re-unite with Family and that's real important to have a solid foundation in your lives... I've gone through trauma in my life and trust me, you don't want to lose your Family.

When I say reassurance, that exactly what I mean: knowing that you are loved and that the people you congregate with will have your back in difficult and even trying times. Family is very important ... So even if you do not celebrate "X-Mas" ... I hope you find the time to re-connect with the people that you care about most.

In any event... I will stick to ONLY wishing a "Merry Christmas" and leave the other wishes for some time next weekend...

I hope Santa is generous and maybe for some, gets you the things you need... Like in my case, I know I'm getting Grip6 Wool Socks (I think it's 8 Pairs) and that will be great because the socks I have now are more for summer/fall/spring and not for BOOTS in the middle of Winter. It's not a cheap gift but they are guaranteed to last a LIFETIME!

So I'm super excited to try them on and see how nice they feel "next to skin"!

Again, "Merry Christmas" and Happy Holidays! Wishing you all the best during this festive season of the year.


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"Merry Christmas" to all and have a wonderous and splendid Holiday Season!

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Wishing you all the best

Wishing you all the best during the holidays. Have a Happy New Year, folks! :)

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