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Hi guys ~ Gameland and Yaofish are officially accepting board game design submissions!

Gameland and Yaofish are officially accepting board game design submissions! We're excited to discover your creative ideas and share them with passionate gamers worldwide.

We focus on exploring and publishing exceptional games, specifically Family Games, Party Games, and Children’s Games that feature easy-to-learn rules, beautiful illustrations, and moderate game durations.

Check our preferred game types on our website:

Submit your games through mail or email, ensuring they include:

  1. A comprehensive rulebook/video with clear content
  2. Smooth functionality of the game
  3. Clear and legible markings on game components

Expect specific feedback within 1-2 months. If you believe your game aligns with our preferences, don't hesitate to share your design with us!

More details at:



One designer over at "The Game Crafter" (TGC) submitted his game and got a reply. So we know that Yaofish are REVIEWING games... Feel free to submit other designs if it fits their catalog (kid-friendly games mostly).


Again Bumping this thread...

I just wanted to give some visibility to some of our "Chinese" counter-parts in China... Who are currently accepting submissions and looking for innovative game designs for their catalog of games.

If you have a game you'd like to present and you feel like Yaofish could be a good mix, feel free to submit your design via an e-mail and or sell sheet (or maybe even a Video is you've had time to do that...)

Regards and Good Luck on your submissions!

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