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Chat GPT: Testing as a design assistant

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I knew that someday, I would need to try Chat GPT. I am good at making rules and mechanics, but giving Chat GPT a try, I realized that I have zero creativity to create content. This is why I always get stuck at content creation.

The objective here is to use this tool for brainstorming purposes. I don't intend to use to directly the content generated for in game text. Still, I could be using some grammar / rephrasing tool online which may be AI powered.

As a computer technician who had a class in machine learning, it's is very hard to believe the versatility of this tool. Training an AI to recognize stop signs is understandable, because it does a very specific task. You show it thousands of stop signs and it try to find a pattern. But chat GPT is too much versatile for this kind of training.

So I tried to generate content for one of my steak punk Eldrich Horror inspired game, and see what I can pull out. This is when I realized that it is way more creative than I am. Here is a transcript of our "Conversation"

Give me a list of 10 encounters that can be faced in a Steampunk fantasy themed investigation board game.

Sure! Here's a list of 10 encounters for a Steampunk fantasy themed investigation board game:

  1. Mechanical Malfunction: The players encounter a malfunctioning steam-powered contraption blocking their path. They must use their engineering skills to repair it or find an alternate route.

  2. Clockwork Creature Attack: A pack of menacing clockwork creatures ambushes the players, forcing them into a tense battle where they must rely on their combat prowess and strategic thinking to emerge victorious.

  3. Intriguing Inventor's Workshop: The players stumble upon the hidden workshop of a renowned inventor, filled with strange gadgets and unfinished projects. They must search for clues amidst the clutter to uncover the inventor's secrets.

  4. Steam-Powered Puzzle: The players encounter a complex puzzle powered by steam mechanisms. They must solve it to unlock a hidden chamber containing valuable information or treasures.

  5. Mysterious Fog: A thick fog descends upon the players, obscuring their vision and disorienting them. They must navigate through the fog, avoiding traps and ambushes while searching for a way to lift the mysterious veil.

  6. Secret Society Confrontation: The players confront members of a secret society involved in nefarious activities. They must choose whether to negotiate, investigate further, or engage in a confrontation, each decision carrying its own risks and rewards.

  7. Airship Chase: The players find themselves in a thrilling aerial chase aboard a steam-powered airship, pursued by sky pirates or agents of a rival faction. They must use their wits and quick reflexes to outmaneuver their foes and escape unscathed.

  8. Steam Barons' Political Intrigue: The players attend a high-society gathering hosted by powerful steam barons, where they must navigate a web of political intrigue, deception, and betrayal to uncover hidden agendas and gain valuable allies.

  9. Clock Tower Climb: The players must scale a towering clock tower to reach a hidden laboratory or observatory at its summit. Along the way, they face challenges such as mechanical traps, unstable gears, and automated guardians.

  10. Ancient Automaton Guardian: Deep within a forgotten ruin, the players encounter an ancient automaton guardian protecting a valuable artifact or forbidden knowledge. They must either find a way to deactivate the guardian peacefully or defeat it in a challenging battle of wits and steel.

These encounters offer a mix of exploration, puzzle-solving, combat, and diplomacy, providing players with diverse challenges to overcome as they unravel the mysteries of the Steampunk fantasy world.

Give me a list of 10 characters for a steampunk fantasy themed board game. They must origin from different parts of the world. I need their profession and their name.

Certainly! Here's a diverse cast of characters for your steampunk fantasy themed board game, each originating from different parts of the world, along with their profession and name:

  1. Dr. Ignatius Ironsmith - Origin: England Profession: Eccentric inventor specializing in clockwork automatons and steam-powered gadgets.

  2. Liliana "Firebrand" Montoya - Origin: Spain Profession: Skilled pyrotechnician and explosives expert known for her fiery personality and daring escapades.

  3. Rajesh "Gearmaster" Patel - Origin: India Profession: Master engineer and mechanic with a talent for repairing and modifying intricate clockwork machinery.

  4. Elena "Sprocket" Volkova - Origin: Russia Profession: Resourceful scavenger and tinkerer, adept at salvaging and repurposing scrap metal to create ingenious inventions.

  5. Leopold "Steamfist" Schneider - Origin: Germany Profession: Veteran steam-powered exosuit pilot and brawler, renowned for his strength and combat prowess.

  6. Nadirah al-Qadir - Origin: Ottoman Empire (modern-day Turkey) Profession: Cunning rogue and skilled infiltrator, specializing in espionage and undercover operations.

  7. Hiroshi "Windrunner" Tanaka - Origin: Japan Profession: Agile airship pilot and navigator, known for his swift maneuvers and expertise in aerial combat.

  8. Chen Wei "Alchemy Sage" Li - Origin: China Profession: Wise alchemist and herbalist, revered for his knowledge of ancient potions and mystical elixirs.

  9. Kaya "Shadowblade" Mbeki - Origin: South Africa Profession: Stealthy assassin and master of camouflage, skilled in the arts of infiltration and silent takedowns.

  10. Isabella "Thunderclap" Cortez - Origin: Brazil Profession: Fearless explorer and lightning rod enthusiast, famed for her daring expeditions into uncharted territories and her pioneering work in harnessing electrical energy.

These characters offer a rich tapestry of backgrounds, skills, and personalities, adding depth and diversity to your steampunk fantasy world.

Give me a list of 10 monsters, enemies or threat for an Steampunk fantasy themed investigation board game.

Certainly! Here's a list of 10 monsters, enemies, or threats for a Steampunk fantasy themed investigation board game:

  1. Steam-Powered Behemoth: A colossal mechanical monstrosity fueled by steam and driven by clockwork gears, roaming the land and leaving destruction in its wake.

  2. Tesla Coil Elemental: A sentient being composed of crackling electrical energy, capable of manipulating lightning and electromagnetic fields to unleash devastating attacks.

  3. Clockwork Swarm: A horde of tiny clockwork insects or birds, programmed to swarm and overwhelm their targets with relentless precision and coordination.

  4. Mechanical Kraken: A titanic sea creature constructed from salvaged ship parts and powered by steam engines, lurking in the depths and dragging unsuspecting vessels to their doom.

  5. Automaton Assassin: A sleek and deadly humanoid automaton equipped with razor-sharp blades, stealth capabilities, and advanced targeting systems, dispatched to eliminate high-profile targets.

  6. Toxic Gas Golem: A hulking golem infused with toxic gases and noxious fumes, emitting poisonous clouds that corrode metal and sicken living creatures within its vicinity.

  7. Clockwork Chimera: A chimera-like creature crafted from a combination of mechanical parts and organic tissue, possessing the ferocity of a beast and the precision of a machine.

  8. Steam-Powered Dragon: A fearsome dragon augmented with steam-powered enhancements, capable of breathing scalding steam instead of fire and unleashing devastating mechanical attacks.

  9. Phantom Automaton: A spectral apparition haunting abandoned factories and workshops, possessing the ability to possess and control mechanical constructs to do its bidding.

  10. Rogue AI Overlord: An ancient artificial intelligence that has gone rogue, seizing control of an army of automatons and plotting to dominate the world with its superior intellect and ruthless efficiency.

These monstrous adversaries will provide challenging encounters for players as they embark on their investigation, requiring them to use their wits, skills, and teamwork to overcome these formidable threats in the steampunk fantasy world.

Give me a list of 10 artifacts that characters can find and use in a Steampunk fantasy themed investigation board game. Most of them are magical artifacts, but it's not mandatory. I need a short description of what it is used for.

Absolutely! Here are 10 artifacts for your Steampunk fantasy themed investigation board game, each with a brief description of its use:

  1. Chrono-Cog: A brass pocket watch infused with arcane energy, allowing the bearer to manipulate time by briefly pausing or rewinding events in their immediate vicinity.

  2. Aetheric Compass: A compass powered by ethereal energy, guiding the bearer to hidden locations and ley lines of magical significance within the steampunk world.

  3. Goggles of Revelation: Steampunk goggles fitted with lenses that reveal hidden truths and illusions, allowing the wearer to see through disguises and perceive hidden messages.

  4. Cogmaster's Gauntlet: A mechanical glove adorned with intricate gears and levers, enhancing the wearer's dexterity and granting them the ability to manipulate mechanical devices with unparalleled precision.

  5. Etheric Elixir: A vial of alchemical potion infused with etheric essence, granting the drinker temporary enhancements to their physical abilities and mental acuity.

  6. Tesla Coil Capacitor: A portable device harnessing the power of electricity, capable of emitting powerful arcs of lightning to stun enemies or power nearby machinery.

  7. Arcane Amulet of Warding: A mystical pendant imbued with protective enchantments, shielding the wearer from harm and deflecting magical attacks.

  8. Clockwork Keyblade: A hybrid weapon combining the form of a traditional key with the function of a blade, capable of unlocking hidden passages and defeating mechanical foes with ease.

  9. Phantom Lantern: A lantern fueled by ghostly energy, illuminating the darkness and revealing spectral entities and hidden messages invisible to the naked eye.

  10. Mechanical Heart Core: A steam-powered device resembling a heart, granting the bearer enhanced resilience and stamina, as well as the ability to power and control nearby mechanical constructs.

These artifacts will add depth and intrigue to your investigation board game, providing players with powerful tools to aid them in their quest to uncover secrets and solve mysteries in the steampunk world.

Then I tried to push the limits of the AI to see if as a game designer, we still have a future:

Can you write me a set of rules to play the puerto rico board game in solitaire.

Sure! Here's a set of rules to play the Puerto Rico board game in solitaire mode:


  • Set up the game as you would for a regular multiplayer game of Puerto Rico, including selecting a governor and determining starting roles.
  • Adjust the number of colonists and plantations according to the standard setup rules, but do not place any additional neutral colonists or plantations.

Gameplay: 3. Play the game as usual, controlling all aspects of the game yourself.

  • Each round, select roles for yourself as the solo player, following the same rules as in a multiplayer game. You may choose any role, including those already chosen by the imaginary opponents.
  • When selecting roles, prioritize those that will benefit you the most based on your current strategy and resources.
  • When it comes to shipping goods, consider which goods will earn you the most points or coins and prioritize shipping those.
  • Make decisions about building, developing, and trading based on your long-term strategy and objectives.

Scoring: 8. At the end of the game (after the Mayor phase of the last round), calculate your total score according to the standard scoring rules of Puerto Rico.

  • Compare your score to your previous solo games to track your progress and improvement.

Game End: 10. The game ends after the Mayor phase of the fifth round, as usual.

  • If you reach the end of the game without any other players, the game automatically ends and you proceed to scoring.

Additional Tips:

  • Try different strategies and approaches with each game to improve your skills and challenge yourself.
  • Pay attention to the available roles and plan your actions accordingly to maximize your efficiency and points.
  • Take notes and analyze your decisions after each game to identify areas for improvement and refine your strategies.

Enjoy playing Puerto Rico solo and challenging yourself to improve with each game!

So even if it did generate some sort of solitaire rules, I am not really sure it is playable. It seems to use a beat your high score approach which is not a bad idea, but would require some tweaking.

I think that for brainstorming it works pretty well because it does not need to be accurate since it's just ideas I will play with to create the game's content.

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Are you paying for this service???

I don't know but if you are paying for this service, it seems fit that you can do whatever you like with it. The free Trial is over now... From what I understood and so it's paid subscriptions to this service that are now accepted. Indeed there is a lot that can be done with this service and ideally you'd want to keep that confidential because people may frown upon your attempts to design something that is NOT made by YOU!

For example, Kickstarter in Summer 2023, added disclosure for the fair use of AI generated content. Basically you need to explain HOW(?) AI was used in your project/product and then that information will be made available to all the backers or even those who view the page.

And so you have to be CAREFUL in how you disclose that you may have used AI in your project/product.

Remember there are those who a EXTREMELY AGAINST AI generated "anything". And so you need to be CAREFUL about how you approach a tool like ChatGPT and explain HOW(?) you use it to craft your game. Well you've gone a bit and "upset the apple cart" in explaining what AI provided you as CONTENT when there are people who provide such content for a LIVING: they're call WRITERS! And those questions you asked AI, you could ASK a "writer" to pen down his/her thoughts similarly. And you could ask for 2 or 3 variations on the content too... Everything you did with AI with an actual PERSON.

Anyhow... You bring up valid points of HOW(?) an AI service can HELP in making the process of creating a narrative easier for you. Like I said, some people would be opposed to what you did and would NOT support your efforts or even campaign against them ... Because you are not on their side (NO AI).

I'm just explaining to you the REAL WORLD issues. Best.

Note #1: There seems to be some kind of "debate" if OpenAI will offer a FREE version of their AI tools. Currently you can PAY for Version 4 ... Which includes a bunch of interesting tool... Version 3.5 is still FREE but I believe the registration period for the FREE service is not longer accessible. I could be wrong... Because I had one heck of a time trying to get access to this service.

Bottom line: Version 4 is still NOT fully "web-enabled" and OpenAI is debating whether to offer a FREE version or not. Currently the FREE version doesn't have DALL-E and other advanced input techniques like "Image" Analysis where ChatGPT can analyze a picture from a SmartPhone and perform ANALYSIS like answering questions on an exam (for example) and increased ways of coding to help developers write basic code (too)!

You just got to watch HOW(?) you use these services and what you disclose about them and where you use them.

Just be careful... Sincerely.

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As a fair warning...

I'm a bit in the MIDDLE. For example, some projects only require a few ART elements and mean under $1,000 for the ART and Artists don't want to take such small commissions. They have a full-time job, they have other customers, they have events, etc. and are generally not interested in projects that require more time and pay very little (as Board Game projects normally do...)

For projects/products like this AI is a God-Send. Why? Because otherwise the project would NEVER see the light of day. The higher prices of Artists and the limited amount of time and availability, stretch what is possible and in this sense it make SMALL projects more FEASIBLE.

On the other hand, if you are planning to have a $1M+ campaign ... Well then I side with the ARTISTS and say that you should hire and pay 3D Modelers, Writers, Illustrators and Graphic Artists. In this case, it is wrong to rely on AI Generated content because quite honestly there are plenty of people who would do the work for an honest pay. So for LARGE projects, NO AI would be MY policy.

And then there is the MIDDLE (between $10k and $100k) projects. Most artists are on the side of NO AI. So mixing BOTH is NOT possible (in most instances). But I have seen some artists TRYING to train AI to make art as they do normally to become more competitive when it comes to their own artistic efforts. This is HARDER to figure out ... Because ART can be expensive. If the Budget of a Game is at most $3,000 USD (or $4,000 CAD) and you can work something out with an artist great.

In the case of AI ... Again limited art produced, it may be better to go WITH AI Art because there is not much to be made (under $2,000). Secondly you may NOT get the artist that you WANT because he/she is not available for commissions... That's another fact in the overall equation.

So MIDDLE of the road projects are probably handled CASE-BY-CASE. And therefore the policy used by Kickstarter is "we'll have to wait and see" what you have used AI for and how it impacts the project. TBD is their answer!

And so this is how I have arrived at being IN THE MIDDLE!

I am FOR AI in projects that have limited budgets and/or require a few pieces of art. I am AGAINST AI in large projects which will collect more than $100k+ in revenue/sales. And I believe that between $10k and $100k ... The middle is a case-by-case evaluation for those projects.

So this is MY position ATM. I'm fully committed to being in the middle and I am fine with it. I can see both sides of the coin and understand that AI is not a replacement solution, it's a necessity in some ventures and in others should be prohibited. That's how I feel and it is my personal opinion.

People should do with what they have as resources to their disposal. Fair use means that people with smaller incomes and less revenue from projects should be allowed to use measures to compete in the marketplace, fair and square.


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Right now, the objective is

Right now, the objective is for brain storming. I will not copy text as is. It allows me to put mechanics on thematic content. Much easier to design than putting thme on mechanics like explained in another thread.

I will not use AI for art. In fact, I will keep anything I do have limited or no art, pixel art or icons.

ChatGPT is free. But there are premium paid services.

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Version 3.5 and 4.0

larienna wrote:
...ChatGPT is free. But there are premium paid services.

Version 3.5 is FREE... But Version 4.0 is PAID! And DALL-E is also one of the paid services for generating art. I feel like OpenAI is probably the BEST poised to claim the AI Market due to it's natural capabilities to understand and convert natural language into an illustration.

See the AI already knows what LIGHTS are and why they appear in Night-Scenes. Same goes with stars and moon (sometimes the moons are too large - Hehehe)... But generally speaking the level of comprehension is HIGHER with OpenAI.

I mean while the competitors may seem to have a "market advantage" with nicer renderings, I would opt for better and more accurate prompts over better looking illustrations. DALL-E is in no way inferior ... Just maybe not as vibrant as a MidJourney (which I have also used).

But MidJourney is NOT free. And OpenAI has been talking about no longer offering a FREE version of ChatGPT... They are in the process of determining whether or not they should still offer a FREE version of their solutions.

Bottom line: ChatGPT 4.0 is PAID and is NOT FREE. Version 3.5 still is FREE but it's not definite if it will be still around in the next 6 to 12 months...

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I did not know there was

I did not know there was different version.

It's very likely they keep an inferior version free, and a superior version premium. It's one way of doing try as you buy method.

In my case, since it's used for brain storming, I do not need something perfectly accurate. It just need to generate ideas. It simplifies the research process for me. I don't like searching.

In other of my design like eldritch Express, I used the cart list from Arkham Horror and Eldritch Horror to create my own items, monsters, conditions, etc.

Now, with AI I can ideas from a larger pool of content. The process became more powerful and easier to achieve. I don't dislike AI, as long as it is just better tools.

I am not a fan of AI generated art.One of the problems in board games in video games is consistency between art which is hard to achieve with AI. I also don't like interfacing using natural language. I would have preferred having tons of check box and combo box to control the output.

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Hmm... SmartPhone Video Capture as input

Well not that I recommend this to anyone... But the PAID version can allow you to take PICTURES and the AI will recognize what is being asked. Specifically I'm saying someone I know use ChatGPT to do an online test and score over 90%. He did not want it to look TOO obvious so he made some "mistakes". This was an exam for a recruiter about Java.

Amazingly the AI could have probably score 100% on the exam.

It does things like "Tell me what this snippet of code is supposed to do?" or "Tell me what are the bugs in this snippet of code" or "What is the output of this snippet of code", etc.

Bottom line the AI can cheat and solve exams of recruiters looking for tip-top talent. Like he said: "I'm not a human compiler..." And so he used ChatGPT 4.0. The PAID version. A friend of his uses it to help CODE too... It provides pretty decent boilerplate code and can solve pretty complex tasks too.

But again all of that is with the PAID version 4.0.

What is this world coming to??? AI for exams, AI for solving exams! Hehehe.

Surprising about what is going on... LOL

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We will be getting dumber and

We will be getting dumber and dumber. It`s like in Buck Rogers, people could not do mental computation because they used their calculator too much. Even worse will happen with AI.

When I was just about recognizing stop signs for automated cars to move around the city correctly, that is one thing, when it`s about cheating, that is another one.

It can also raise the difficulty of exams and homework because people could decide to cheat. Not fair for the others.

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I wonder if I could use

I wonder if I could use ChatGPT for what I call: Mechanics searching. When stuck in game design, i sometimes need to play, read rules, watch videos of dozens and dozens of games until I find the mechanics I need for my game. That look like a job fit for an AI.

I'll check which of my games are blocked in their design, ask the questions and post in in the main post.

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