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sounde's quick gamer intro/bio

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created to make this post work. :P
will be filled in soon enough.

feel free to prequote and taunt me on things i have not yet said.

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That's an outrageous and unsubstantiated claim

sounde wrote:
I once designed the greatest game of all time, but then it got packed into a moving box and once we moved to the new house it ended up somewhere in the attic or perhaps the garage. I don't know where it has gone now, but I take comfort in knowing that I designed the best game ever.

That is an outrageous and completely unsubstantiated claim. We have no evidence that this game was so great and no way to test your absurd statements.

sounde wrote:
I can beat any game that I choose to beat. I have lost in only a handful of games that I have played. Each time it has been due to either my opponent cheating or my intentional desire to let someone else share the glory once in a while.

You sound really pompous and your lies are quite hard to accept.

sounde wrote:
I once beat Chuck Norris in a game of BANG!.

Okay, now you've crossed the line. Everyone knows that Chuck Norris has the ability to play any card as a BANG! card and is able to discard one BANG! to heal any life points he has lost. It is statistically impossible for him to lose.

You sir, have lost all credibility.

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Hillarious and Well played

Bravo Bravo, encore! :)

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