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List Of Publishers

This is an introductory list of contact information for publishers and their current status on accepting submissions. Below you will find multiple sections containing publishers who are current seeking submissions, require you to write more more info, only accept games through an agent or broker and not current accepting submissions.

These sections will be updated as new publishers are added or as the status of current publishers changed.


Amigo Spiel
Information about submission can be found by going to Amigo Spiel and reading the pdf located here.

Cambrige Game Factory
Game Submission guidelines in this PDF

daVinci Games
From their site: "daVinci is interested only in the kind of games known as "German" (e.g. The Settlers of Catan or Bohnanza: simple rules, reasonable length, wide choice of strategies, good appeal) for 3 or more players. At the moment, we are not interested in abstract games, war or economic simulations, sport games, collectible card games and games for two players."

Submissions Info:
Send a short description of the game, including Game title and theme, Number of players, Suggested age range, Components, Rules overview, and Unique features.

JKLM Games
Submission Info: email Markus Welborne, with a description of the game.

Out of the Box Publishing
Submission Info:
Send a short description of your game.

Playroom Entertainment
Submission Info: Send an email -- they will send you a submission form.

Rio Grande Games
The only way to get Rio Grande to look at a game is to go see Jay at a convention, and you can demo your game for him there. They don't accept mail-in submissions.

Z-Man Games
Submission Info:


Face-2Face Games
No page specifically stating that they are accepting submissions.

Hans im Glück
Mostly German site with Engligh list of game aids.
Couldn't find English page specifically stating that they are accepting submissions.

Jolly Roger Games
No page specifically stating that they are accepting submissions.

Kosmos Games
No page currently stating that they are accepting submissions or not.

Phalanx Games
No current information on this company.

Queen Games
Site in German. English mirror site?



Ravensburger Spieleverlag
I couldn't find submission info on their website (a tangle of mega-corporation frontispieces), but according to gameagent, they only accept from agents or brokers.

Wizards of the Coast/Avalon Hill
Submission Info:


All Things Equal, Inc.
Explicitly state: "We do not look at any outside game submissions."

Atlas Games
Submission Info:

Days of Wonder
Submission Info:
Send short abstract of the game after reviewing their game criteria and company philosophy.

Fantasy Flight Games
Submissions Info:
Require a full working prototype with signed release form.

Live Oak Games
No page specifically stating that they are accepting submissions.

Mayfair Games
Submissions Info:

Steve Jackson Games
Submission Info:

Winning Moves (Germany)
Submission Info:
BGDF member says they no longer accept submissions.


Stronghold Games LLC

Stronghold Games does not accept unsolicited game submissions.

How to court a Publisher

Before making your submissions I also suggest you check out this blog explaining how to approach publishers.

Minion Games

Minion Games is always open to submissions THAT FIT what we publish (no party games, no abstract, no word games)...

Phalanx closing

Phalanx has been wrapped into its parent company. For practical purposes, they will publish no more games. Per Uli Blennemann.


Bucephalus Games seems to be accepting submissions again.

Atlas Games

I just noticed on their webpage that Atlas is again
accepting game submissions, but only for non-collectible
card games.

FRED Distribution (Eagle & Gryphon Games) accepting submissions

Hi Folks,

FRED Distribution who own Eagle and Gryphon Games, are currently accepting games submissions. We are in the process of updating our website to include our game submission guidelines, when that is done, I'll provide that link. In the meantime, how do I get this post updated to include a link to our web site?

Thank you,

Carey Grayson
Product Development and Production
FRED Distribution

Game submissions guidelines:

We are currently looking for new games that are fun, original and fit in either our Eagle
or Gryphon game lines. Eagle games are typically heavy in strategy, rich in theme and
have lots of cool bits. Gryphon games, on the other hand, are much lighter games that
the whole family can play in under an hour with easy to learn rules. Please refer to our
websites: and, for more information about our
product lines if you are unfamiliar with them.

To get the process started, just send us a brief description of your game and a copy of
the rules. Your rules should be complete, proofread and understandable. Please
provide sample turns to help us “see” the game in action.

Let us know which product line you believe it would fit in. You are welcome to add a
picture of your prototype, but it isn’t necessary. You should also include the number of
players, the target age group and the time it takes to play.

We will respond to initial submissions as soon as possible, but it could take us up to 3
weeks to get back to you. If you haven’t heard from us by then, it is okay to send a
follow up email. Hey, its possible that your email got lost or we forgot to contact you.
If we are still interested, we will ask you to send us a prototype (actually 2 or 3) to send
to our various play-testing groups. Your game will be thoroughly tested so you should
make sure your game is ready before sending it.

Please note that at this point, we ask that you do not send your game to another
publisher until our play test groups have had a chance to review it and we get back to
you. This phase of the process can take anywhere from 2 – 4 months, depending on the
time of year and our workload. If we can get it done sooner, we will. It is okay to follow
up with us after this period has passed to ask about the status of the play testing.
If we decide to pass on your game, we will let you know and hope that you will consider
us for your next game. There may be any number of reasons we decline a game and
we will try to explain those reasons without going into great detail.

If we find your game acceptable, we will contact you regarding the next steps.

We look forward to hearing from you and thank you for your interest in our company.

Possible additions as of March 26, 2009

The following all accept unsolicited submissions, in one form or another. Do yourself, and me, a favor: Please check their site first for their specific preferred submission acceptance process.

* Bucephalus Games:
* Kenzer & Company:
* North Star Games:
* Painted Horse Games:
* Playroom Entertainment:
* Reiver Games: Email with a brief overview (no more than two paragraphs) describing the theme, major mechanics and components.
* TerrorBull Games:
* ToyVault: "Game Questions: For questions about a Toy Vault game, rules clarifications, or to show us a game you have created contact Paul Blake at or call him Monday through Friday 9 a.m. to 5 p.m EST at (606) 864-0110 ext. 224"
* Twilight Creations:

List of Game Companies

I recently added a list of the established game companies that I am aware of, although these are merely links to their websites. I do not know which of these have game submission info, but you are free to explore. The links are...
North America
and beyond

I'd be happy to add companies that you know of that I missed.

Plus, my inventor newsletter features every other month 10 Questions with a game company which includes submission process. So far I've got 9 game companies. That link is here...
and Ravensburger is one of those companies, so check out their 10Q's for clarification on their submission process.

- Keith


amnesiac wrote:
and Ravensburger is one of those companies, so check out their 10Q's for clarification on their submission process.

Keith, I really enjoyed those and though there were no real surpises for me, it was nice to know how the publishers feel about submissions and what they are looking for.


Thanks for the links

I'll try to methodically check every one of the companies sites and update the list accordingly.

It will be a great help to make this list better.

Thanks for the topic about

Spam removed

Fantasy Flight no longer

Fantasy Flight no longer accepts unsolicited board and card game submissions.

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