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Settlers of catan Flowchart v1

Settlers of catan Flowchart v1

This is an attempt to create some sort of notation system for games. Here is a flowchart of settlers of catan, I tried placing everything on 1 chart which might be an error, this is why it looks like there are 2 diagram in this flowchart.

To the left, you have the list of all the components of the game with the information on it.

To the right you have the procedure that must be followed during a player's turn.

The flowchart is not complete because I was tired of designing it. For example, game setup is not there and some concepts like where are the cards ( in your hand, on the table, in the deck) is also not there. The bottom part of process was also not linked to the components since I was tried of working on it.

I'll post a thread and ask questions and comments about it.


Settlers Flowchart

Well done, but you could easily clarify it by the use of color, and such smaller considerations as moving the component list to the bottom, so users won't start with that, and get confused as to the purpose of the whole thing. I don't think that having it be a single diagram is a problem, if you re-organize and re-color things just a bit.

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image | by Dr. Radut