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trivia game production issues

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I'd like to create a trivia game with question cards in a format similar to trivial pursuit. (Please fight any urges to tell me all about why my idea sucks and just humor me!) I'd like to publish the game myself, and I'd like to keep my production costs for the first run under $10,000.

I'd imagine that printing 1000 unique cards per game is the big budget drain of any trivia game, but I have no idea approximately how much it would cost for the cards alone. A friend of mine said because all the TP cards have the same design except for the black text of the questions, it shouldn't be as expensive as having decks of full-color cards produced with unique color designs on each card.

Can anyone tell me if there's an easy way to estimate printing costs for two, 500-card decks of trivial pursuit-style cards? Is it reasonable to think I could produce enough units with $10,000 that my cost basis per unit would be less than $10? I know everyone says there are too many variables to estimate costs in questions like this, but if someone could just give me some ideas if you were trying to print two boxes of cards just like the ones used in TP, that would be great! (I read lots of past posts on production costs, but I didn't find a lot of posts that were about trivia card printing. This info will really help me as I brainstorm for ideas on how to design the game.)

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