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Welcome to the Board Game Designers Forum

Well, the entry was a little bumpy, but you've made it to the Board Game Designers Forum. Welcome!

Please take a moment to start a thread introducing yourself in this Welcome forum. Tell us what brings you here to BGDF, what games you might be working on, or any questions you have in particular about game design, prototyping, or publishing.

Then take a look around, if you haven't already. Get involved with the other BGDF designers. Here's what you can expect.

Recent e-mail activity has been compromised over the last 3 weeks

To anyone trying to REGISTER for an account over here at ... I was SCAMMED on the 6 September 2022 by an e-mail that seemed to be from my HOSTING company. It all seemed LEGIT and the ONLY problem was the issuing e-mail which I did not check.

That was a BIG mistake.

The PAYMENT process was held somewhere in Taiwan and they tried to BILL my Credit Card for over $9,000 USD. My Credit Card company put an immediate STOP to the transaction and I was LUCKY in that I REALIZED my BIG mistake before it was too late.

I changed my HOSTING password for my account 10 minutes later.

The Future of

I just wanted to take a moment to mention WHY(?) has been down for about 1 hour twice in the last month. It seems like an AddHandler in the .HTACCESS file was modified for PHP 7.2. I was told by the first Support Analyst that indeed they have made an update to their systems and are DEFAULTING to version 7.2... Originally I did nothing but "restore" the older .HTACCESS file and the website was restored as before.

But yet again TODAY, the .HTACCESS file was modified around 1:00 PM and the 7.2 instructions were YET AGAIN added to the .HTACCESS file.

Let's revive the Reviewers Section...

What are your thoughts about this? Reviving the "Reviewers Section" would be pretty simple to do... It could follow some simple moderation rules and anyone who would want to share a "Gaming Experience" can do so...

Basically if you play a TableTop game (Card or Board), take notes during the experience and have sufficient material to post a short but to the point topic about the game.


Hello all,
There is a massive security update for drupal important enough for them to issue a patch for drupal 6.x (which is what BGDF is built on).

The site is being updated and will be down for an hour or so Wednesday 9-10 AM EST - after which you should see "https" instead of "http" in the address bar.

[GDS] 2017 "Party like it's 2999"

It's time for the first major change to the GDS.

Read up on the new, longer, format here

The gist is that the GDS will span a whole year - with the initial half using the old monthly GDS-like challenges to help you develop your game. The latter half of the year is devoted to creating and sharing the artifacts for your game to share - down to sell sheets for publishers.

In January, which is now, you'll get the overarching theme. Mull it over.

[GDS] AUGUST 2016 "Go Go Gadget GenCon"

We have a winner!

Royal Progress

by gilamonster

Let's give these designers some feedback in the critiques thread for taking the time out of convention season to keep the contest alive.

[GDS] JULY 2016 "Time's Up"

We have a winner!

Courier Now

by A Round Tuit

Only a few entries this round. Summer is getting the better of us! Timers are difficult to use creatively, so let's see what everyone came up with, shall we? Find the critiques thread here.

[GDS] JUNE 2016 "It's Tourney Time"

Entries are in

Another small field this month with 3 strong entires. So again, in lieu of a formalised vote we'll go right to the comments and critiques.

When you critique, list the entries in order from favourite to least favourite along with your critique. Talk about how the game did/did not meet the requirements, and what you think the most promising parts of the game are.

Here is a link to the critique thread.

Please Read: Details on entering the Game Design Showdown.

Convention season is upon us! (Well, the US, not all of “us”). So our GDS this month revolves around the inevitable tournaments and rapid game play that you see at conventions Start off by thinking of some games that you know have regular tournaments. Probably a collectible card game or “living” card game, right? Or a tabletop war game? Or a classic, like Catan or Chess or some such.

What makes them good tournament games? Is there a design you can make that overtly lends itself to organised or tournament play? And can you do it without being a predominantly-card game, or tabletop war game?

That’s your challenge for June:

Design a game that naturally lends itself to organised play events (competitive tournaments or other). Restrictions on your design are:

  • Your game can not be a card-game, or a tabletop war game (the likes of Warhammer, X-Wing, Flames of War, Malifaux, etc).
  • It must be a game for more than 1 person (no solo player games going for a “high score”)

You may use any other mechanics, components, play-styles, player-counts, etc.

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