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What is the Board Game Design Lab?

BGDF is partnered with the Board Game Design Lab - an effort by BGDF user Gabe Barrett to create and curate regular content for game designers.

The Board Game Design Lab:

  • Curates articles from around the web, guiding users through the process of game design and publishing.
  • Publishes a podcast, with insightful interviews with industry veterans
  • BGDF is happy to have Gabe in our community, and his contributions to the site through BGDL.

    Take me back to the BGDL blogs!

    Online Dice Game: Hungry Jack

    Screen shot of an online version of the "Hungry Jack" dice game - or toy.

    So I made a digital version of a classic dice game for a virtual workshop on game design. The game - if you want to consider it one - is called Hungry Jack. It's roots rest somewhere deep in European antiquity.

    You can play it here. It's made with HTML5 and works in nearly any web browser:

    To play, click the mouse on the "click here to play" button. When in the game, click on the "Throw Dice!" button or press the SPACEBAR when it's your turn.

    SpellMasters — Just wrapped up the Monster Micro Deck composition

    One of the remaining aspects of the game (and I'll admit that the design is 80% done) was the Monster Battle Decks. Obviously the Monster Compendium is not fully written ... Never-the-less I managed to hash out thirteen different types of "Attacks" and realized that some may "recycle" and others may get "discarded" when their action(s) play out.

    What remains to do is COMPLETE the "Monster Compendium" that comes with the game. That BOOK will contain ALL the enemies that you can battle. Of course you can expand the game and "invent" new or "mod" existing Monsters.


    A series of blog-posts about my main project

    As some of you know already, Im offering hundreds of digital artworks on this site at affordable prices. The artworks have been created for several card- and board-game projects over the course of the last two decades. Most of the images where created by talented artists who are active on deviantart.

    Polyhydra | Battle Dice Game

    Polyhydra | Battle Dice Game

    Polyhydras are powerful and dominating creatures. Whenever two meet in the wild, they fight each other to the death to claim the surrounding territory.

    Each round, players secretly choose various combinations of three polyhedral dice, representing their hydra heads, to roll against one another. Attack the enemy by rolling doubles and defend yourself by rolling values higher than the incoming attack.

    Blind Blade - A solo pencil and paper dexterity game

    Blind Blade

    Solo Pencil and Paper Dexterity Game

    You are a blind blademaster who has sworn to protect the innocent from oppressive gangs and you’re about to assault another gang hideout…

    You make strokes with a pencil from around the edge of the game sheet, while your eyes are closed, to slice through gang members, prisoners' chains, and enemy supply caches worth points.

    Game Rules

    <a href="https://greggje


    A few days ago, I launched a new website called

    Right now, it's a bit thin on the content side but that will change
    over the course of the next months. The idea behind that website is to provide a free of charge download archive for the many game ideas I had in the past.

    If you browse the many blog-posts and threads here on BGDF, you will notice a lot of different game ideas besides my main project Gods & Minions. Some of those projects are finished and playtested, while others are work-in-progress.

    Dice App

    I created a very simple dice-throwing application. I intend to use this while teaching game design online and to play simple dice games. It's made for HTML5, and so can be used in nearly any browser. It stretches or contracts to fit a screen display on computers, tablets, and smartphones.

    • Throw dice by clicking on the image of the die on the left, and the result is displayed in the dice pool to the right.

    Game Boy Geek

    I just finished up working with Dan the Game Boy Geek. He did 2 video's for me. Let me know if you guys like Dan's style. Dan was great to work with, and I would recommend him to anyone. If you may be doing something like this for your game, or are interested in what it cost feel free to PM me and I'll give you the details. Let me know what you think about the videos!!

    Win $100 Amazon Gift Card

    Ladies & Gentleman, friends, and people of the BGDF

    I introduce the annual 2020 $100 Amazon gift card "Guess how many games we sell" give away, brought to you by Holiday Fever A Family Tradition.

    Rules: Be the closest player to guess the total number of Holiday Fever games sold for 2020, and post it right here on this Blog. End date Jan 05th 2021.

    If I remember correctly we did 252 games for 2019.

    Note: Due to the pandemic we won't be doing any Holiday Bazaars which accounted for about 50 games last year.

    3 games have already been sold

    GOOD LUCK!!!!!!!!

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