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seeking set collection ideas

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Joined: 01/20/2011

I'm revisiting some old ideas.

-6x6 square grid
-36 tiles start face down on the grid but get flipped and collected
-6 suits, 6 numbers or 4 suits 9 numbers
-theme is something like fishing as players catch different types of fish points

Players will retrieve most (but not necessarily all tiles as they move along the edges) and flip and collect.

I've tested several ways to score that "work" but don't seem that tense or inspired:

-players collect tiles and place in stacks on a personal board in 1-6 order
-Players collect tiles and move up shared tracks for points.
-Players form poker hands for points

Any other things worth considering?

I keep going back and forth between something puzzly on personal boards vs a central board where competition and more interactions take place.

One more thematic consideration is something like restaurants demanding specific kinds of fish so there might be a supply and demand mechanism with players collecting tiles and some how manipulating how much each suit/fish is worth a the end.

Thanks in advance.

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