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i think that this game would become a hit fast

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what i mean by rows

I don't know if this is where I should put in a full card game idea but here i go I'm new her so please comment on this one to tell me what you think or if this has already been created. This is a game where nothing really happens it just kind of tells a little fight story that you have to imagine.

See the cool thing about this game is that you can create your own game data, well that's what I call it because it sort of is.

1 full deck of cards with jokers included.
1 dice with 6 sides
1 dice with 20 sides
2 or more pieces of white lined paper depending on how big or small you write
1 writing untencil

to start it off you will always have the same rules as follows + you require some D&D knowlege in order to play this game.

First off this will start out by being quite confusing.

depending on how many rows the card has that will tell its gup or in other words Get up Power unless if you have an non-numbered card, example jack,queen,ace,king,joker. These don't have any gup.
The easiest way to tell how much gup the card has without recording the stats is like for instance a 9 would have 4 because it has four rows.

Lets go through with every cards stats first.

2=2 health+2GUP
3=3 health+3gup
4=4 health+2gup
5=5 health+2gup
6=6 health+3gup
7=7 health+3gup
8=8 health+3gup
9=9 health+4gup
10=10 health+4gup
jack=2 health+0gup
queen=2 health+0gup
king=2 health+0gup
joker=4 health+0gup

a few more things

each player can go more than once for example. You will roll 1d6 for each player if one player always gets the highest they always go first because you have to roll each time to see who goes next.
if two or three or more players all roll the same number even if one of the ones that didn't get the same roll higher than that they still don't go and the people that rolled the same get into grapple mode which i will talk about later. Sorry for the long talk about the game because there is a lot of rules involved in it.

At the beginning one player will record the score or frag count on a score sheet. 100 frags at max. You choose this which means that the last player alive wins that 1 point so 100 would be a long game. Whoever get the most frags wins the game.

so there are also two default gametypes which you can create others if you wish there is duel and tag team two obvious ones. Duel is a brawl with no teams and everyone is againt eachother and the other one is team based.

every frag or round a player has to roll for his or her battle weapon that round. If there is a weapon that you create in you version that would create massive bloodloss Example a gun pistol. That would make it so that whereever you shot the opponet everywhere except the head area they woul have a chance to be alive still and by the way when you have bloodloss gup doesn't matter. You must roll a 6 to stay alive and if you don't you die but if you do you have full health again and keep the same weapon that you rolled for in the beginning of that round. Let mee tell you about gup gup kicks in when you are knocked down by having no health left and no bleeding to death. for example if you have 4 gup then person that knocked you down has to roll higher than you 4 times in a row. and while this is happening no other player can play at the moment. if you roll higher out of the 4 tries you will get back up with full health and while you are knocked down your card must be flipped over.

this is the thing that tells you the damage of a number.

1=easy jab
3=hurt a lot
5=bleed not enough to have to roll for living from bloodloss
6=broke like if leg is hit you broke his leg
7=fell off
8=disintegrated same up from here

if you lose a limb you automatically have to roll for surviving bloodloss. so if 7 or 8 are done on you you are pretty much finished that round unless if you can get a 6 which is unlikely.

grapple(if the same number is rolled)=
once in grapple mode then players that rolled that same number have to roll againg using 1d6 of course and if two or more get the same number again then they keep rolling until every number is different. the one who rolls the highest then is able to do or has to do a special move which are as follows=

1=let go and do nothing to opponent
2=throw(if you get this the way this move works is if they survive when you throw them 1d6 for damage then you do the tackle move afterwards which they most likely won't survive due to the damage of the trow done before but if they do then they do and you have made your turn.
3=push 1d6 damage by the force of them landing on the ground
4=Tackle 1d6 damage
5=slap 2 damage automatically each time you make it
6= the deadliest grapple (Choke) you have to roll 1d6 if you get1,2,3, then he doest die but you roll 1d6 for strangle damage which 6 in pain is broke so he's dead then anyways, but if you roll a 4,5,6 then he is automatically dead.

this is where if a melee weapon hits you like a bat a non-shap melee weapon you must see if you get into a daze 1d6 must be rolled and if you get a 1,6 then you get into a daze. then once you are you must roll 1d6 to see how many turns before you can attack or do any such thing.

Last one=Body Parts=
this one is easy to make you just think of like 1d20 and make a list of 20 body parts so that when you are playing the game and you attack someone you can roll to see where you hit them.

by the way, no horrid comments please i'm just trying to figure out a complex fun game for everyone well this sort of isn't since you have to picture violence being made in your head, but you know what i'm saying and thats everything that i've come up with so far been adding different thing to this game since 2005 and i am 18 years old so i've had it made for a while since beta stage. i decided to call it beat em up card kind of a corny name but it kind of lets you know from the start what to expect from the game.

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