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I am about halfway through with my e-store for game designers.

It includes a lot of basic components: blank dice, pawns, wood cubes, the 'new design' gem stones, markers, etc

A LOT of 'treasures' - bits and pieces from broken and incomplete games whose pieces have been salvaged and offered up here. The best-selling items have been different figures, tiles, and boards and boxes that you can glue your own graphic too.

And just a few tools - most notably the rollataq hand applicator which is one of my most valuable tools. It applies a thin layer of paper glue by roller - perfect for gluing graphics to boards, card fronts to backs, etc.

Still a lot more things to add, but it's just little old me...
to come:
More wood bits
blank boards, boxes, cardboard tokens (I hope)
blank playing cards
tools - such as laminators, knives/cutting mats, rotary cutter
treasures - still have about 80 more items to put up.

If there's something you think I definitely should carry, let me know!

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