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Starcraft/Brood War single player campaign

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I went back to a platform where sharing is easier than with board games.

Also the playtesting is faster. It is for one player.

All that is left is theme design with the unit modifications that I have in mind.

The combat mechanics are more about damage modifiers than the original.

I made clear distinctions between armor types.
0, 24, 60 for ground.
48, 52 and 60 for air.

The multiplayer version is hard to understand. So I want to make a single player campaign for players to learn.

The distinction between easy, medium and hard is a given.

All that remains is the theme.

For now.
-Terrans are humans for obvious reasons.
-Protoss is the cyborg race, created by humans for peace enforcing reasons. But this is going to be an independed race. Once a computer virus reaches concience?
-Zerg is going to be a bio engineered race. Created by "bad" humans. They turn against their creators?

But what is the story going to be?
How to make 3 campaigns with 10 to 15 missions each?
I am not worried about the mission design itself. Since these are going to highlight the new unit.
But the story needs to support 3 races.

Is having to cycle through each race every 3 missions a good idea?

Slowly introducing new units for evey race simoultainiously?

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