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The Game Crafter has been a longtime member and supporter of BGDF. We have consistently posted on our blog here since 2009, but we've partnered with BGDF and will now use this featured forum. We're excited for this opportunity and we will continue sharing great content for board game designers. We also plan to work with BGDF on some special content that will be published here!

Many of you are familiar with The Game Crafter, but here's a brief summary for those of you who haven't heard of us before The Game Crafter is:

- print on demand board game manufacturer in Madison, Wisconsin, USA
- collection of 1,200+ sets of game design assets and art for board games
- worldwide community of over 265,000 board game designers and gamers
- international marketplace to self-publish indie board games (7500+ games)
- world's largest board game pieces shop (2100+ types in stock)
- supporter and sponsor of board game design events all over the world

Since launching in 2009, we've continued to grow and expand our services and resources. However, our key focus remains, and that is to provide people with the tools to turn their idea into a real, playable game. Once an idea becomes something tangible, it can be played, improved, and shared with others to enjoy.

Here are some types of content that we'll be sharing in this forum:

- News about community game design contests at The Game Crafter
- Announcements about new products
- Articles about board game design
- Posts about upcoming board game design events
- News about board game designer events we're sponsoring
- Interviews with game designers
- Content from BGDF creators

Thanks for stopping by and we hope that you'll find our content interesting, helpful, and inspiring. Feel free to contact us if there are specific topics and content you'd like to see from us. Happy designing!

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