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Feedback Request [GDS] Feb 2011 Entry #29 - "Zombie Blitz"

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Dear All,

If it is possible, please let me know what you think of "Zombie Blitz", thanx!

Original thread is


Zombie Blitz! (ZB)

Player: 2-5 player (optional 1-player solo and 2-10 player team play game)
Time: 30 Min
Age: 8+

ZB is a 2-5 player cooperative game. During the game, players roll dice simultaneously to attack zombies marching towards human. When 16 zombies are destroyed, human wins the game. But when a zombie ran over the path, human lost.

Human Dice x 25 (D6)
Zombie Dice x 3 (1D8, 1D10, and 1D12)
Zombie Cards x 16
Land Tiles x 8


1. Place 8 Land Tiles horizontally one next another form a path in the middle of table. Tile on most right marks Starting Space or Space 1, and tile on most left marks Space 8.
2. Shuffle 16 Zombie Cards face down, form a Zombie Deck, and place it next to the Path.
3. Each player takes three D6 (dice). Four D6 in 2-3 player game.
4. Place remaining D6 and three Zombie Dice next to Zombie Deck and form a dice pile.
5. Player who has the worse hair style is Starting Player or Leader.


Starting Player or Leader takes the first turn of the game, and each player continues to takes a turn in clockwise direction.

At the beginning of a turn, if there is no zombie on path, leader must take Zombie Blitz (ZB) action (first turn of the game will always be ZB), otherwise he takes one of the following turn actions:

1. Attack Zombie
2. Tile Action If leader cannot take Tile Action, he must take Attack Zombie.

At end of the turn, player on Leader’s left becomes the new Leader.
Zombie Blitz (ZB):

Leader takes two D6 and roll until he receives a 7 or 11, and his turn ends immediate. Otherwise for every miss (a result other than 7 or 11), a zombie goes blitz by taking a card from zombie deck and initiate its [Live] action. After initiating its [Live] action, if it is not already on path, place it on Starting Space.

Only one zombie can occupy a space at any time.

When moving a zombie into a (target) space that is already occupied by another zombie, simply move the zombie on target space one space to the left. If the next space is also occupied by a zombie, continue to move zombies on other target spaces one space to the left until every zombie on path occupies a space.

Attack Zombie:

1. Leader chooses a zombie on path as Target and takes a Zombie Dice based on Target’s Strength (8, 10 or 12).
2. Other player (follower) who doesn’t have D6 on hand or chooses not to join the attack may take one D6 from dice pile to his hand. In 2-3 player game, maximum number of D6 a player can have on hand is four and three in 4-5 player game. When follower already has maximum number of D6 on hand, he cannot take a D6, otherwise, he must take one.
* If dice pile runs out of D6, player can take D6 from Monopoly.
3. Follower, who chooses to join the attack, and leader roll all dice on hands simultaneously in their own play areas.
4. Each player’s roll result of one D6 or sum of two D6 must match roll result of Zombie Dice to deliver a successful hit. To complete a successful hit of one D6, place the D6 on Zombie card. To complete a successful hit of two D6, place one dice on Zombie card and other one in dice pile.
* Player may deliver more than one hit in a single roll.
* If leader is not able to make a successful hit, then take one zombie from zombie deck and initiate its [Live] action. After initiating its [Live] action, if it is not already on path, place it on Starting Space.
* When number of dice on target’s card matches or exceeds target’s Hit Point, remove target from the game and move dice on target to dice pile.
5. If roll result meets the tile loading requirement, player may choose to withdraw his successful hit(s) and load a tile with a D6 for future tile action. Leader can NOT load a tile without successful hit, but follower may load a tile with or without successful hit.
* Each player may load one tile per turn.
6. Return Zombie Dice to dice pile. All players take remaining D6 in front of themselves to their hands.

Tile Action:

Leader chooses a loaded tile and takes its action. After taking the action, move all D6 from tile to dice pile.

When a zombie on Space 8 moves towards left outside of path, game ends immediately and human lost the game.

When all 16 zombies are removed from the game, game ends immediately and human wins!

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