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Epic Battle

This is a card-based battling game for 2 or 3 players.

My goal was to capture the essential elements of TCGs like Pokemon, Magic, or Yu Gi Oh, but with stronger balancing and no pay-to-win aspect.

The attached PnP includes the rule set and all 54 cards available in the game. Printed single-sided on US letter-sized paper, the cards should fit in standard sleeves. For the "tokens" I use 2x1 LEGO plates, and for the Health counters I use Pokemon damage dice (divide by ten).

The game is superhero-themed, and I do have plans for these characters in other media. If you happen to enjoy reading painfully early-draft screenplays, let me know :)

My two sons enjoy the game, and they pretty much forced me to come up with three-player rules so that we could all play at once. I hope that you enjoy playing it, too.

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