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Happy Easter Sunday to those who celebrate this holiday tradition

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I just wanted to add that this Thursday due to a HEAVY Freezing Rain Storm, I and almost all of Montreal lost electrical Power. I was without power for 30 hours which may seem not that BAD... It was about 9 to 10 Degrees Celsius and I had to rid myself of a Steak, Fish and Eggs that went bad (or thawed partially because of the freezer/fridge not working).

Anyhow a LOT of people were affected in Montreal and they say we had MORE rainfall this short 24 hour period that the entirety of the previous Ice Storm in 1998... It was BAD but not as tragic as the 1998 storm.

I haven't been around due to BOTH the Holiday Season (Easter) and the Freezing Rain Storm (some people still don't have power yet!)

Cheers all and again Happy Easter.

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