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Game Terrain Pieces at The Game Crafter

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The Game Crafter
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The Game Crafter - Board Game Pieces - Game Terrain

Need Gaming Terrain for your board game or role playing game? The Game Crafter carries several types of Game Terrain pieces that help add richness and theme to your game’s environment. Check them out at

In this post, we're featuring the following: Campfire, Lantern, Lamp Post, Bread Basket, Rope, Obelisk (TB25)*, Chest, and Broken Column. All of these game terrain pieces are made of plastic and 3D printed at The Game Crafter. At this time, they only come in the color grey. 17mm meeple included for scale.

*The Obelisk is compatible with our TB25 Base Shoes, which lets you customize the color of the base.

let-off studios
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Lovely Pieces

I would have been ecstatic to have these around back in my D&D days. I'm sure that those who play games like Hero Quest or Gloomhaven will find bits like these very useful. Nice stuff...!

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