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Fantasy Orc Minifigs at The Game Crafter

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The Game Crafter
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The Game Crafter - Board Game Pieces - Fantasy Orc Minifigs at The Game Crafter

The Game Crafter has Fantasy Orc Minifigs in our Board Game Pieces Shop! We have 3 troop types: Scimitar Orc, Orc Shaman, and Pigface Halberd Orc. They are made of plastic, 3D printed at The Game Crafter, and only come in green at this time. 17mm Meeple included for scale. Available at

Looking for other minifigs? Browse our whole catalog at

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A question???

I was wondering with all these "figurines" with different colors and such... Has TGC ever thought about ACCEPTING STL files given some parameters to generate your very OWN "minifigs"???

While I applaud having some "figurines" available... Could you guys instead focus your EFFORTS on Creative-Commons STL files which can be used by anyone who is interested in the STL file in question.

I could see this as a HUGE BUSINESS BOOST for TGC given that they have a few 3D printers available to produce "figurines" that are custom or STOCK (given CC licensing) and then there would be LESS demand or EFFORT required by TGC Staff to go "out-there" and bring back some minifigs in some colors and so forth... As not being STANDARD or readily available.

I HONESTLY feel like this OPEN way of 3D Printing and figuring the cost per figurine ... Maybe if you SHARE your STL files with the TGC community you can get a small discount on your OWN production, etc.

I know "Hero Forge" does larger models. But still TGC could stand to make a HUGE AMOUNT of PROFIT from CC STL Models and models contributed to TGC by their community of Game Designers and Modelers...

I also am aware that this adds complexity to production. Maybe you could have a THIRD (3rd) Production Line which means Games that INCLUDE MINIS... Just like Games that REQUIRE Punch-Outs or Laser time.

I'm not saying TGC SHOULD do this... I just think it would be an AMAZING step forwards in what TGC can "produce" and offer both the Designers and Players of TGC games...

Anyhow I (personally) think a STL marketplace is a better option than GENERIC minifigs in different colors and availability. Just sharing with TGC my own personal take on "figurines" and how to STREAMLINE them into something VERY profitable all the while maintaining easy access to Designers.


Note #1: About the DISCOUNT ... You could have a -10% discount on all Creative Commons Models (STL files) and so Designers that have their OWN Mini designed can UPLOAD and SHARE their "custom" models in order to get a discount, they share their work with the entire TGC community of Designers such that there is a POOL of "figurines" (STL Files) that can be used by any designer...

Something interesting like that: everyone saves off of CC "figurines" and if you want to save from your own "custom" models, make the CC in TGC and you too can benefit from the -10% discount... Numbers are just for illustrative purposes ... I'm sure you understand what I mean.

Note #2: You could have a separate area for CC STOCK "figurines" that have already been proofed and priced... And for "custom" ones, you can do like the pre-publish option which allows you to order a sample of a model given a cost of making it... Kind of like proofing your game ... You would have to proof "custom" models before you can "embed" them into a game.

Note #3: This is kind of like my suggestion to allow to EMBED different parts or components into another game. If you could embed a stat punch-out instead of being forced to sell the "punch-out" and the SVG file, you could simply add to a game (embed) the "punch-out" and not get access to the SVG file but instead get the COMPONENT or ASSET you are wanting to include.

Anyhow if all these ramblings make any sense to @Tavis or @JT ... You could go the next step and EMBED STL "figurines" and other components. Again just sharing some ideas and my own opinion. This doesn't mean TGC will follow in this direction... I'm just explaining what COULD be possible... Not that it WILL be possible.


The Game Crafter
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We have a help document about

We have a help document about 3D print models and our potential plans for the future. We also do accept model donations as long as they adhere to our rules and our guidelines.

Learn more at

Additional discounts and such are not likely. We already are doing our best to use automation, processes, and equipment to make these at very affordable prices. However, if a designer can make their game at The Game Crafter and use the minis they donate then that is a very nice benefit for them and anyone else in the community who wants to use them.

We know people want to be able to upload their own STL files and print their own 100% custom minis. However, there's a lot more challenge and complexity to this than people think. We are able to make custom 3d printed objects through our TGC Laboratory and designers can learn more about that by going to This does require a $200 minimum project cost and is a 1-time manufacturing project. Not an ongoing thing like what we have in our regular product catalog.

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