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Tales of Realms and Ruins - Fully Illustrated Rules and Components

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Hi there!

I have been designing and illustrating 'Tales of Realms and Ruins' for the past 5-6 years (maybe more) and I am very close to a finished product. I am looking for people to playtest the game and mainly tell me whether something remains unclear in the rules.

In return I will be more than happy to test your game and provide detailed feedback.

Cover Box Art of Tales of Realms and Ruins

The King has disappeared. When the Othersiders, our sworn enemy, obtained this knowledge, their attacks became more and more frequent. We must not let them take our lands for they will destroy us. It has been decided that each of the three Realms of our Kingdom must present their champion that will unite us under their banner. This is where you come in. Prove that you will be a better ruler than the other pretenders for the throne. Go now! Save our Kingdom!

'Tales of Realms and Ruins' is a competitive strategy game with slight cooperative elements. The game is for 2-3 players where you take the role of a Hero fighting to claim the throne of the Kingdom. You will gain Followers by playing cards, building your deck, conquering Realms and using their effects. Throughout the play, you will encounter various choose-your-own-adventure Events that will shift the odds of success towards you, your rival players for the Throne, or the game itself. 'Tales of Realms and Ruins' may end in 6 different ways depending on your choices throughout the play.

Tales of Realms and Ruins game overviewStarting Cards of Tales of Realms and Ruins

The game is midweight and it takes about 60-90 minutes per game. However, the first game may be slower.

The rulebook is 24 pages, but don't be afraid! It is heavily illustrated and includes a 3-page index of cards that serves only for reference throughout gameplay.

The game is available on Tabletopia through a private link. To get one, please comment in this thread, contact me directly, or contact me through the Facebook page of Tales of Realms and Ruins.

It has been a lot of hard work and I really hope that you will enjoy it. I hope that it will see the world of publishing soon.

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Hi there! This game sounds amazing! I would love to help you play test it if you still need help.

Joined: 06/07/2023
Yes, playtesting is still

Yes, playtesting is still available. I sent you the link through a PM.

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Wow. Impressive work. I

Wow. Impressive work. I might have some time to look over the rules if you'd like.

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Thank you! It means a lot! I

Thank you! It means a lot!

I have PMed you the rulebook link.

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Hey, it looks great! Congrats at getting to this point. I'd love to get a link and look over it. I'm curious to see how you wove all the different elements of competitive/cooperative/ and choose your own adventure together.

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Thank you for your interest.

Thank you for your interest. I have PMed you the link. Rules are uploaded in Tabletopia. Let me know what you think!

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