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Will telling friends my game innovative ideas and showing it off affect my previous friendship in game manufacturing service?

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I'm owner of a game manufacturing factory, Lijia Game Production with my main focus on custom making board, card and miniature games for over 30 years. There are many long term friendship with game publishers all over the world. I love children, and have been concerned about the family education by playing to young people, so when I played games with children, I always have some new gameplay ideas or innovation, and I personally thought my new game innovation would be more loved by kids and their parents, but I don't want to publish my games by myself because my own main business is only help clients with custom game manufacturing service.
My question is whether I should let my idea into a real product and tell my friends about it. Will this affect my strong partnership with former publisher friends?
Please give me some suggestions. I will participate in the annual Essen Spiel together with team of Lijia Game Production. If you want to make friend with me, please come and meet me at the Lijia's booth at Essen Spiel.
Thank you very much.

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