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Dymino Monsters June 2 2023 Update

May 3,2023

I started hand writing the first novel for Dymino Monsters. This novel is a direct link the in game story line. Everything connects for a reason. This novel is 1 of many.

June 1,2023 2:25 am

I have started to work on chapter 2.

This novel is titled: Dymino Monsters: For Honor and the Shield to Glory.

A Bantalatal ∆ Aila Journal.

This novel details the journey of who Bantalatal and Aila are, what they are doing, how they became friends and where will the next journey take them.

Who they will meet will be a pivotal part of the story arc. So much to see.

Creator of Dymino Monsters.


July 24, 2023 Dymino Monsters Update

I wrote from pages 20 - 26 this morning in my Dymino Monsters : Bantalatal ∆ Aila Journal novel titled : For Honor and the Shield to Glory

I am hand writing the first draft and I started this novel on May 3, 2023.

There will be at least 14 chapters.

This is a pivotal story arc and tells the story of how Bantalatal and Aila meet and also how Bantalatal gains an item from another source during their journey and future endeavors.

My end goal to finish this novel is October/November 2023.

Stay tuned for more updates.

Creator of Dymino Monsters 2004-2023 and Beyond;

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