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Dymino Monsters Update Jan 16 2023

Dymino Monsters Update:

Just finished the following since I have been awake all night from 8:17 pm last night after work to 8:32 am 1/16/2023.

Rise of the Titans Encyclopedia Stats:

Quenlamar 1/16/2023
Slomarzar 1/16/2023
Telgoador 1/16/2023
Thagmodian 1/16/2023
Thunder Hoof 1/16/2023

Birth Reign Second Era Titans:

Greed 1/16/2023
Lost Target 1/16/2023

Rise of the Titans encyclopedia left to fill in:

Pail Star

Birth Reign Second Era Titans Encyclopedia left to fill in:

Bell Spirit
Forgotten Bell Spirit
Hope (Defense)
Juggler's Assault
Lightning Nightmare
Shadow Weeper
Wicker Tear

Creator of Dymino Monsters 2004-2023


Dymino Monsters Update Feb 7 2023

Its a day late and its today is Feb 8 2023.

But the title and the reason why i titled it the way it is ; is because yesterday early morning , okay 8:09 am before going to bed during the day before work at night, is that I completed all of the Rise of the Titan Stats and Birth Reign Second Era stats for the encyclopedia.

So, Im so excited to move on to the next details of the game's development.

Adding the d10 roll movement to the rule book which were implemented last year.

Editing the rule book so more. Fine tuning really.

To start concentrating on writing all of the novels, the last 3 production screen play manuscripts and chapter deck stories.

If i haven't mention it, I have completed all 24 main character back stories a few months ago, I think mid Dec 2022 or mid Jan 2023.

I'm still debating of having a Lineage booklet for the lore of the game.

I'm still working on hand drawing every single play mat locations from TriiDorium World. I had drawn one very very small piece in Dec 2023 for a conceivable concept direction for a larger piece on the 14" x 21" poster board for the play mat, but nothing has been finalized.

There are 166 known locations for this game that will have upper and lower sections and connected sections as always like previous play mats.


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