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Online Dice Game: Hungry Jack

Screen shot of an online version of the "Hungry Jack" dice game - or toy.

So I made a digital version of a classic dice game for a virtual workshop on game design. The game - if you want to consider it one - is called Hungry Jack. It's roots rest somewhere deep in European antiquity.

You can play it here. It's made with HTML5 and works in nearly any web browser:

To play, click the mouse on the "click here to play" button. When in the game, click on the "Throw Dice!" button or press the SPACEBAR when it's your turn.

It's also not really a game: players simply take turns throwing their dice, then either placing or taking a chip depending on the results. I wanted to illustrate the concepts of luck, skill, fun, interesting player choices, and so on, and this is one part of that. I didn't want to depend on a boring lecture-style format for everything, so this is part of my attempt at mixing things up.


Very nice! Hands on and

Very nice! Hands on and interactive definitely are my preferred learning methods.
I like the thispersondoesnotexist characters!


I appreciate the kudos.

PROTIP: you can click on a portrait to change it. There are 10 built into the game, so you don't have to tolerate twins if you don't want them. :)

Since posting, I've made a couple user-interface improvements for those who pick up and play. So now there are actual (simple) instructions for someone who's never seen it before, and a facilitator is no longer needed.

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