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Game Idea (random dream I had)

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Alright, so I am posting this here, to hope that this crazy dream I had might turn into something fun, and exciting. Here is the basics of it that I've kind of brainstormed and drew out to a pattern.

Obviously this is not done yet, and would need a lot of work to finish, I just wanted to post some small concept I have and some rules too see if it is a good start, or needs heavy refining. Thanks

Concept? Simple!
Destroy your enemy’s castle!
The truth is, you need to be wittier than your opponent, or a complete fool. Either way, the goal is to siege your enemy’s base, while protecting your own. If you fail, you lose, if you both fail, then you shouldn’t be playing (kidding… of course!)
The best part about the game, is keeping your opponent guessing.
“I know what you’re doing! I’ve seen this before!”
“Heh, you keep telling yourself that!”

Back to the topic. Starting the game each player gets a small deck of cards, each start with 3 cards. There is no discarding, asking for a free re-shuffle, etc. These cards are your “Surprise” cards. These will be used during the start of the round. Each player places this FACE DOWN, and does not reveal it until combat is in place. After you use that card, remove it from the game.
*Special cards that do not effect combat directly will be in effect next round.

Based on the tiles you use (there will be many to choose from in the box, depending on how many people play, etc.) that will provide you with your terrain for the game. Things such as LOS(line of sight) does play a role in it, so if your small group is trying to attack some enemies behind a building, forest, etc. they will not be able to.

Basic rules

1) Each player must place troops within starting areas (no more than 6 inches away from their base) and position them how they want, and where they want. You may place type of units anywhere you go.
2) Each player will roll, dance, do whatever to decide who goes first.
3) Follow the 4 Phases that are provided in the main rule book, simple to remember, but, there are small things you need to follow in order to keep this game exciting, and fun.
4) Take in effect, combat rules, house rules (if any,) terrain, etc, when fighting.
5) When attempting to siege a castle, you must have at least 5 units left to attempt a siege. If you don’t then you are out of the game, and will lose. Special rules with destroying a castle, there is a special dice that comes with the set. Every side is blank EXCEPT the one with the castle side that has a target on it. Once you assemble your small group, roll it if there are no opposing forces, if you roll that special side, the castle/tower takes a hit.

Joined: 04/30/2009
I made some horrible typos,

I made some horrible typos, and it really isn't all that well put together, give me a few days of sketching things out, and getting a SOLID foundation, and I will post a new topic, sorry for the horribleness. :)

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not the dream I was thinking of


You had me thinking you had the same experience I did.... namely, that you woke from a dream with a great idea for a game, wrote it down in the wee hours and then eventually put together a great game from it!

Oh, well...

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