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Lottery-Style Solo Adventures

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I have a game concept called: "Dungeon Player". The idea behind this concept is that it would be a "sorta-or-similar" to Scratch Lotto Tickets. Here's the deal and how it is different:

1. Firstly there would be a NEW Level "each month".

2. Secondly if you die before completing a Level, you can BUY ANOTHER "Card" and try again with the knowledge that you have learnt from the previous "Cards" you may have purchased.

3. This means that you may have to purchase maybe 1 to 3 or more "Cards" in the month to successfully complete a Level.

4. Unlike a PNP, the player knows nothing about the nature of the Level ... Unless he/she cheats (which is possible) by scratching the entire "Card".

Having this discussion that another fellow kinda-gamer made sense ... But he feels if there is no MONEY to be won... Nobody will buy those "Cards" and/or Tickets. So while the concept is NOVEL and has some merit from a design perspective... He believes that because there is no way to WIN any REAL MONEY... Nobody would buy the "Adventure Cards".

It's just one of those things that take too much of a culture change and the fact that Lotteries already use the "scratch" mechanic to a larger extent and in those cases the product is administered by the Government (Lotto Quebec).

I've looked into having them MADE and it's possible to buy the silver scratch in bulk from China... And it's possible to have the Cards/Tickets made at a local printer with thicker paperstock with an added UV Coating.

The bottom line is that it is DOABLE. But most people believe it would not be a very successful product ... Because nobody is going to pay $3.00 for a NON Lottery ticket when they could buy a LOTTO TICKET for the exact same price...

Too bad because the person with whom I was having a discussion about this concept ... Said he could picture the levels connecting (exactly as I was thinking...) Alas ... The odds of such a "Game" becoming a success are probably NEAR 0.

So much for good ideas!

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I really shouldn't ... But...

I was thinking that perhaps on Kickstarter you could NOT crowdfund such a game. But you could on IndieGoGo given than you can have a lottery PRIZE such as a Floridian Cruise for 2 People and a random draw... How it could work is each person submits a COMPLETED Level with their readable e-mail on the backside...

Then via e-mail, they get a DRAWING NUMBER... IDK something like 540001 as the first number (for example). The put all the numbers into a SPREADSHEET and program a RANDOM generated number ... And voila... Now you played the Level and get a chance to go on a Floridian Cruise!

One submission per e-mail and no BS like Mailinator or anything like that. PLUS you need to MAIL the card to a P.O. Box from which all the entries will be recorded and punched into the spreadsheet. You also need to provide a VALID e-mail if you expect to get your NUMBER! No valid e-mail, no valid entry.

I guess you could have multiple valid e-mails and why not... You need to MAIL 2 separate envelopes (1 entry per e-mail per envelope).

I shouldn't be even thinking about this... Because of the legal RAMIFICATIONS. It may be morally "neutral" (Offering a PRIZE) but I don't think the Government will like it much. And you probably could NOT sell the "Game" in stores that already have Government sponsored and ran official Lottery Tickets... Because nobody will sacrifice their legitimate business for something that is "neutral".

Maybe you could convince a couple FLGSs since they don't have Lottery Tickets ... So they might be more open to selling the "Game"... MAYBE. But you know that IndieGoGo isn't a very HOT place for Board Games... They are mostly known for their Technology campaigns. I know this because while TradeWorlds got over $40,000+ USD ... on IndieGoGo we got $0.00 in funding... I tried to RE-BOOT it and nothing.

So maybe it could work... MAYBE! Cheers all...

Note #1: You may NOT run any lotteries or contests on the IndieGoGo platform either. But you can OFFER a form of "Credit/Currency" like a "Adventure Coin" which can then be used to MAIL one (1) Game Card with a valid e-mail resulting in the person "spending" their CREDIT for a participation... This is very "neutral". I'm not sure 100% how LEGAL it may be. Anyone more familiar with LAW, feel free to contribute!

Note #2: Forget I even asked it... It's STATE LEGISLATED and means different rules for difference states. Different COUNTRY also different rules... I think you would have to HOST on a container ship somewhere in the OCEAN ... Like they do with the Gambling Websites. There is too much LAW in the USA and Canada to make it otherwise plausible. But still could be a cool "game" if you COULD win a Floridian Cruise for 2!!! Mouhahaha!

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Joined: 04/16/2011
It reminds me of ...

The Atari 2600 and "Sword Quest"... the players who beat the game could actually WIN real jewel encrusted memorabilia. I quote:

The WINNER was given the Talisman of Penultimate Truth, a solid gold pendant inlaid with diamonds and other precious stones.


The WINNER won the Chalice of Light, a fantasy-styled pimp cup made of gold and platinum, studded with diamonds, rubies, sapphires, and pearls.

In any event that VIDEO GAME featured a few CONTESTS!

Times are different, that was way back in 1982 and 1984... The rules might have been less strict than they are today (when it comes to contest and drawings).

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