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Six Degrees Card Game

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I've been thinking about a game idea based off the idea of Six Degrees of Separation (everybody is 6 people away from every other person somehow). Players have to find the link between two people in the game first. However I'm stuck on how to execute this very well. Any ideas?

Also, I loosely tried this with a bunch of baseball cards and got a good result, using players' past teams and other attributes.

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What . . .

. . . are "two people in the game?" Players? Real life figures? Fictional characters?

*Edited for the following:*

So I have been thinking a little bit, about a game like this where players are attempting to connect any two people at the table together (either of their choice, or assigned, maybe in secret, or something) and basically there's just decks of cards with verbs (or maybe phrases) on them. So there might be cards that say "dated," "kissed," "kicked," "went to school with," "lived with," "worked with" etc. (And depending on the target audience, you could probably design a pretty risque version of this too!)

The goal would be to use the verbs to connect people, beginning with one of the people at the table and ending with another, with any one you want in between. I am imagining mechanics kind of like ten days in africa, where there are several piles to choose from, and you have to take a new card each turn, and either keep it or toss it. Maybe each players cards are face up, or maybe not. Not sure.

Anyway, that's what I was thinking about!


Joined: 03/22/2009

Wow, that's a great idea... I originally had in mind a game where players had a deck of "people" (either real or fictional, both would work) and two were selected at random to be linked. Your idea seems much more fun :P

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