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Thematic Help, please

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I have a game I am working on that uses a system to produce products to sell. This system involves turning in a pair of "goods" to produce 1 "product" (this can be done as many times as you want, but that is beside the point). Now, there are 3 goods: "A", "B", and "C". There are also 3 products you can make from goods: "AB", "AC", and "BC". So, in order to make "AB" products, you must have "A" and a "B" pairs.
Now notice that each good is combined with each other; That's my problem. How do you find thematic sense in that system?

The closest I've got is with these goods: Water, Grain, and Logs. Water + Grain = Bread; Water + Logs = Paper; Grain + Logs = ???... got no idea.

Could you help me out? It sure is bugging me.

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Oh my . . .

You can paste pretty much any theme you want onto that sort of system.

Scifi: Metals, Energy and Population turn into Ships (metal, population), ship yards (metal energy), and planetary shield stations (energy and population).

Fantasy: Magic, ore, and wood turn into Mages (wood and magic), battle shaman (ore and magic), and archers (wood and ore).

Pirates: Powder, rum, and gold turn into Swabbies (rum and gold), Captains (rum and powder), and cannons (powder and gold).

Restaurants: Eggs, bacon, and potatoes turn into, omelettes, hash, or breakfast sandwich.

Colors: Red, blue and yellow turn into orange, green and purple.

Those are off the top of my head.

Change logs to trees and you could combine grain and trees to make pancakes :P

I'd suggest going for something awesome and original. Everyone will know that absolutely any theme could have worked for your game, but if you go the extra bit to come up with a unique one it would make someone like me like it a little more.

So, what kind of theme would YOU really like in a game? (I'm assuming you aren't enthralled with bread and paper)


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