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Tribes at war

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Hello everyone,

For some weird reason, I suddently had this urge to create a board-game.
Mind you, English is not my native language so bear with me.

The game is fantasy based, with very simplified ruleset and a touch of Role Play. Although it´s fantasy, I´m considering not to add commonly known races via orcs and such; or magic like "fireballs".
Instead, I´m thinking more of magics and creatures, that people truly has believed in the past.

Set up:
There are two tribes warring each other. The map is divided in areas on the board, tribe "A" lands, and tribe "B" lands. Each player starts to pillage the other tribes lands.

Players would start with basic armor and weapon. The more succes(kills) they get, they gain better armor/weapons/items
(I have been thinking there would be a deck of cards for loot, everytime player wins a battle, they pick a loot card. Most items would be +1 bonuses("1h club +1"), but there would be a few "epic"(+5?) quality items in the deck. The trick would be, that at the start of the game, a quantity of the loot cards would be taken away; leaving the chance that no "epic" items are in the round.).

Players could make decisions as to how their character performs. Will they use shield to absorb more damage, sacrificing their own damage dealt, for example.

Confronting enemies would also be random(another deck), most of them would contain fighting, but some might offer special things(buffs or alike);
"you come across a wandering druid, who offers to teach you how to mince a herb mix, which hastens your performance"(Using this card you gain an extra attack. This card can only be used once).

When a player feels he has good enough gear to take the other player out. He would leave the enemy tribes lands(some sort of shortcuts must be possible, maybe make a lake in the center of the board for fast travel), and start to chase the enemy player. There would be no encounters on the shortcuts, or in your own tribes lands, so the enemy would be still gaining stuff while being chased; while the pursuer would not...
Obviously the one who kills the other player wins the round.

Thats about it, in a nutshell. Would love to hear some feedback, suggestions or anything at all really(lol).

Thanks for reading.

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Neat idea. I feel like I've

Neat idea. I feel like I've heard of games like that before, but none are coming to mind (except maybe the Anima card game). I kind of like that you're trying to use more classical mythology, rather than Tolkien. What period would this be set in (or would there be a mixture)?

It does sound a tad complicated, and possibly very hard to balance, but on the whole a neat idea. Would it be just for 2 players? If it was 3+, you'd have trouble with balancing how to make it profitable to run down one enemy tribe, without making it so profitable that you'd automatically win after doing that.

Also, when you say a "tribe" would this be like a party (with individual characters who were boosted separately)? Would it be just an amorphous blob of tribesmen who are all the same (and thus an advancement would benefit everyone in the tribe)? Or would it be a mix (there is a tribe, but there are also a few hero characters who gain power individually)?

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I haven´t really thought about the time period for the game, but leaning towards the medieval times, simply to get wider array of items.
Be it that the tribes are isolated from civilization, I would like to keep an option open to gain finely crafted metal items.
Also, classic mythology opens endless possibilities for encounters which,
I think, would keep the game more interesting than Lotr scenery.

What I´m trying to do with this game, is an easy to approach D&D kind of set up; for pre/early teens. Although, at the same time realizing that it does not come anywhere near the depth of D&D.

I remember myself being a youngster with great interest to Role Playing, and flies patience to learn that much rules.

To be honest I have not really focused on the tribe part of the game yet; for more than a "reason" to slaughter eachother.
So, basicly I´ve thought of a hero vs hero fight, for two players only.
Now that you brought up the idea of tribe benefits and such, it gets me derailed for a grander idea, which I better drop as this would be my first game, I´d like to keep it simple.

Thanks alot for you´r input. :)

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Actually a Lord of the Flies

Actually a Lord of the Flies thing would be cool. Castaways on an island fighting each other for the spoils of the plane. Would just have to somehow avoid the 'Survivor' TV Series references.

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I just realized this game

I just realized this game would be very similar to a PC-game, Heroes of Might and Magic.
Love the Lord of the flies idea. :)

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