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Trivialike or Un-bull-ievable

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I do not intend at all to develop this game, as I have no idea how to and am not in the business. I would, however, love to see this game made! Anyone who wants it can have it, and I'll sign anything necessary to disclaim it if indeed it is a good idea.
Here goes. The main thing I thought of would be a bunch of cards with "trivia", facts and legends people assume are true. Wives tales, internet myths, Harry Truman's middle name, John Wayne's real name, etc. The goal of the game is for the players other than the reader to guess if it is a fact or fabrication, true or legend. The twist is that for fact cards, which are intermixed with legend cards, the reader may alter one underlined word to make the fact a still believable lie. If the reader fools the other players, he or she gets points. So, there it is. Not a full idea, but much like balderdash, wise and otherwise, etc. I think this could be a lot of fun, and I just want to see someone make it. Maybe Ripley's would be interested. I don't have any idea how these things work, but I'd play it.

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Ripley's would be interested

Ripley's would be interested in knowing how you came up with their board game. :) In the Ripley board game, the reader has to get the other players to incorrectly say whether the factoid on the card is real or made up. Statements are actual BION bits, Bluffs have keywords you have to say, but there are blanks to fill in.

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