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Second Version of Rules - Quadra - Abstract Strategy

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2023-12-16. It seems apparent that no one wants to provide feedback for these rules. The purpose for this thread was to gather feedback to see if there were any significant issues in the gameplay that I hadn't already seen and addressed myself. After more than one month, no one has provided any feedback at all.

Therefore, I'm withdrawing the rules from public display for the time being while I work on the next major revision (a design format rather than a rules re-format). Thank you for understanding.

Original posts are below.

I have made a minor revision to the rules; The revisions consist of formatting (making things marginally prettier and replacing some obsolete pictures with others that are consistent with the 14-piece limit) and, maybe, some minor clarifying text. Anyone who has downloaded the prior ruleset will notice no changes to the rules themselves.

Original post below.

Here is the second version of the rules for the previously untitled abstract strategy game that I have created. I have decided to create a separate thread so as to have comments concentrated on this revision as opposed to prior revisions.

Of note (for those who have read prior versions):

** 14 pieces of each color instead of 16
** Green pieces have been replaced by yellow pieces
** Minor adjustments to rules regarding moving a piece and removing a piece
** Game notation has been added (including a complete game transcribed into notation)
** Many more pictures and clarifying examples added

I will add more comments regarding the new version later. All constructive feedback is good feedback. Thank you.

Joined: 07/29/2008
Minor Revision; Mainly formatting

I have made a minor revision of the preview rules in this thread. The changes are mainly formatting, replacing obsolete pictures with ones that support the new 14-piece limit and some clarifying text. Anyone who has downloaded the prior PDF will not find any changes in terms of gameplay.

This will likely be the last significant version of these rules using a word processor. The next significant version will likely use Scribus (should I be able to understand enough of it) in terms of presentation.

Any constructive feedback on these rules is welcomed. Thank you.

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