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Board Design Software help

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Hi everyone,

today's my first day on the forum so i'm not sure if i'm posting this right. I am working on a board game at the moment, and the board I initially made I painted by hand on a coffee table, and I would like to have a digital copy of the board to post on the website for advice as well as easily make changes and tweaks to the layout as I encounter more problems during testing. Does anyone know a good software program that I can use to design the board? Ideally I'm looking for something to layout the squares, and import graphics and text to design specific squares and surrounding artwork. Something with ready made templates and fairly simple editing tools would be preferred but I can work without them I think. Any advice would be appreciated.



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Hi dev and welcome to the

Hi dev and welcome to the forums!

I use Inkscape for designing boards and cards and such. It can be downloaded for free.

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Google Draw

If you don't need to modify the images that you upload then Google Draw is a very intuitive interface to construct both boards and diagrams in a vector environment. Over the past month, I have come to rely upon it for a lot of initial diagramming and brainstorming since it is a very easy to resize things, manipulate layers and duplicate objects.

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I use Its free to download and easy to use.

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drktron wrote:I use

drktron wrote:
I use Its free to download and easy to use.

So is GIMP. But those are (like Photoshop (or MS Paint)) for bitmap editing, not to work with parts like gameboards or other game components, especially for prototypes. Bitmap editors are great for making textures, edit photo-like images, postprocessing components to make them look nice and shiny, but not for drawing objects and be able to easy drag them around the screen, modify text, change the shape of things or align spaces on the board in new ways. That kind of thing is what vector drawing applications like Inkscape (or Google Draw, or Illustrator, ...) are for.

Sure, there is some support in the more advanced bitmap editor for saving paths to edit and re-render stuff, but they have nothing that can compare to the manipulations that are trivial to do in an application like Inkscape.

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