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CMYK manual screenprinting of artwork

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Joined: 08/09/2008

Has anyone tried manually screenprinting their artwork ?
I've thought about this process but have not yet attempted it...

1. Use Photoshop to break artwork down into its component channels (CMYK).
2. Print each channel onto transparency film (in BLACK, not in its actual colour).
3. Use transparencies to create Silkscreen Photostencils - one for each of the CMYK components.
4. Print each of the 4 stencils onto your board with a fine-meshed silkscreen.
5. Overprint with a clear varnish to protect your board.

Does anyone have thoughts on this...???

More questions to follow !! But I don't want to get greedy !!

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Joined: 07/26/2008
it's hard

My original Cannon sets were single color silk screened onto cloth for the board and wood discs for the player pieces.

This took me allot of tries to get right and in the end i still had a 5% error rate. I imagine doing an overlay of several colors will require rigs to hold the board precisely or they won't come out right.

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