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Computer game Dev having fun making board games!

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Joined: 09/13/2017
Current rules sheet for the game
First game board layout test.
larger bots printed for previous game.
Printed, 1st versions of these bots
3D render of bots from another angle
Render of 3 bot classes.

I have two kids (7&9) and I wanted to get them involved with creating games. So many good benefits to doing activities like this, problem solving, reading, design ideas, and math! The great part is the kids don't know that is learning!

Over last winter we created a game and had lots of fun refining the rules and can share more details about it in another post.

For the game we are creating now, we're getting to a point where I have some question on how to create custom parts or boards. The good news is I have access to lots of cool stuff at work. But where would I get a custom set of cards created? How to make or order thicker game board tiles (laser cut cardboard)?

My main goal was to keep the game simple. I sat down with my kids and defined the outline of the game, they offered ideas and we would test them out. We are still working on it, and the youngest wants to make it CTF yet, which might be a variant game mode.

Core Game: A dice based combat game where each player has 3 bots. Players maneuver and attack each other. 2 or more players.

Game Design: (As of right now, mostly) I created this the other day and we've made some tweaks, but we play tested this rule set a few times and it was fun. I've attached the ruled sheet to this post.

This time around we've had a lot more changes in creating this game vs our last one. Changing the number of bots from 4, to 2, now to 3. How you fire, how you attack, damage from a punch. etc!

Right now we're experimenting with cover objects. 1/2 high cover you can shoot over but not move over. Also soft over like trees, where you could still shoot though it, but the attacker can only use 1 dice, vs 2 on a normal attack. One thing I am fighting with myself a bit is I want the game to be simple in play style. But my kids seem to grasp the rules of these add-ons very well.

Here is where I am lucky at my work, we have lots of cool stuff I can use to make stuff. With our large printer I created a 34x20 game board with standard sized hex layout. And I created some bots in 3ds max and printed them out.

I'm very open to ideas, suggestions, and feedback. And if anyone can play test this game, please do and let me know how it goes so we can address any issues you had or just hear how it went for you.

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One place for you...

That should help you turn ideas into "physical" prototypes. Obviously you've got the "minis" which are not available from TGC... But TCG has everything (well almost - custom dice is a miss on TGC because they are too expensive) but card-wise and chipboard-wise, TGC's got it.

You can even design your OWN "custom" slugs for chipboard pieces.

I believe this resource will make you VERY happy! It's the site I use for all my prototyping too.


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The Game Crafter is an excellent resource

The Game Crafter is an excellent resource for making nice cards, tiles, and laser cut parts.

I will say, my most common prototyping method remains print cards 9 to an A4/Letter page, cutting them on my home paper cutter (a behemoth I have shipped every time I've moved), and sleeving them in front of old magic cards using card sleeves. This lets me make new iterations really quickly, and means I can easily add new components, change a small number of cards, etc.

For nicer prototypes, I'd look at:
Game Crafter
Drive thru cards
Print n Play Admagic

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Joined: 09/13/2017
Thanks questccg and John.

Thanks questccg and John. Both posts are very helpful! Our last game was card based, I just used a marker on a normal 52 card set to change them. I will be getting some custom cards for that game

For the current game, it is all 6 sided dice based. Tonight we were doing a play test with 3 players. So far, it's been fun! We did several rounds and started exchanging fire and taking damage, falling back, and getting double blasted from both sides!

10 o'clock bed time. We'll have to finish this battle tomorrow!

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