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cost of producing a game???

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So I have a game and self made prototype board. I would like to put it on kickstarter someday but feel I should have a legit game with board, pieces and punch out tiles made professionally before doing so. Is this possible without mass producing and if so where should I go? I have found a print designer who will help me with making the board graphics look better than the ones I have but not sure where to go after that.

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The Game Crafter works if you

The Game Crafter works if you don't want mass production. But, because they print only the copies you need they charge much more. They are probably your best bet for a single "Kickstarter Version".

Once you get the money from the kickstarter, I'd recommend you actually go through a manufacturer and mass produce. The more copies you buy, the cheaper each one will be.

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I second.

I second the words of McTeddy. That is, in fact, the best way to go.

However, when you do a kickstarter, make sure to study the kickstarters that have been successful in a similar genre. What I've noticed, more than anything, is that the best kickstarters offered multiple levels of awards, Had solid videos showing the buyers what it was they were going to receive, and offered a realistic timeframe for reception of their products. I'm sure there are other keys, but doing those things really makes a difference.

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Thanks for the info. Another

Thanks for the info. Another problem I'm having is figuring out how to make a board with raised features. The game gives players exploration tokens (small painted wood pegs)to use at 15 separate locations. Each location can be searched once and the tokens are placed there to mark it as searched. My prototype board has small hand made spots to keep tokens from moving around since many end up on the board. I also have a spot along the side of the board used to sort certain tiles keeping them in order. This obviously wont work on a fold up board so I am looking for other options.

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Blind guesses

Raised features are not going to be worth the extra cost...that's why you don't see a ton of them. Not knowing the setup more fully, though, I'll throw a couple ideas out there...

Does it matter *who* explores each region? Are all the areas the same? Not sure on how much cost it would add, but you could start the game with tiles on the board and remove them as areas are explored. That way could get some semblance of raised features. And if you need to know which player did the exploring, they could hold on to them.

If it needs to be documented on the board, symbols and meeples always work for things like that.

I think the solution is going to depend on quantity, size, etc., I'm really just stabbing in the dark. Which is dangerous. Get us some more information and I'm sure the community can come up with a solution.

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Funny how I have been

Funny how I have been brainstorming for a few days and nothing. Symbols might work for me. I currently have 15 places that can be explored by each player once. Each player has 15 tokens of his or her color that are placed at the area when explored. Might just give each player 15 tokens to be discarded each matching area instead of 15 tokens with players pawn color. Will work on that idea and maybe it can work. Now if I can come up with a way to keep mutants that attack during course of game in order without the current raised features which are really just two thin pieces of plastic glued to the board 10"long and an inch apart with mutants sliding up and down in between.

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Also anybody know of company

Also anybody know of company that can produce a single board larger than 18 bye 18?

3rd Edition Games
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No, but that is gonna cost a bundle!

This is a great question. Someone must do it, I just don't know who. Word of caution though, the biggests costs I've found in making a game -with exception to perhaps miniatures - are the board and the box. THe bigger the board, the bigger the box. If you can, find a way to reduce the size of that board.

Another option might be making it more than one piece, that puzzles together?


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You said pegs, why not just

You said pegs, why not just have holes punched into the board and literally use pegs?

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Quad-Fold board

3rd Edition Games wrote:
...Word of caution though, the biggests costs I've found in making a game - with exception to perhaps miniatures - are the board and the box. The bigger the board, the bigger the box. If you can, find a way to reduce the size of that board.

That's why The Game Crafter (TGC) offers a QUAD-FOLD board which is 18" x 18" in size when unfolded. It allows you to reduce the size of the box to only 9" x 9"!

But you could have that done for your board independent where you decide to manufacture your game! And then it will fit in a smaller box for certain...

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