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Custom dice

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So, I have some blank dice, and I can't figure out how to get anything to stick on them. I have to re draw the dice between playtest with permanent marker. Any advice other than a 3d printer?

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The Game Crafter has Dice Stickers

Here is the Link/URL:

I used these for a custom dice... Plus they have BLANK dice too (Indented):

They are OKAY... Good for prototyping. I would not recommend making a game with these... Because the stickers are TOUGH to peel & stick. I used these dice for Dual Dice (My Custom Designer Dice) prototypes.

That's ONE (1) Option. Cheers!

let-off studios
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Clear Plastic Stuff

What's that thin, clear plastic that uses static-electricity to adhere to surfaces?

I mean the stuff used on clear touch-screens and the like to protect them before the customer paws their grubby little hands all over them?

Might that stuff work on dice? Or would the cuts of plastic film be too small?

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