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Customized Dice tower

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Joined: 08/04/2008

What is the best material to use to make a dice tower if you have no access to any wood working tools?
I need to create a custom dice tower for a dice game I want to make and the tower plays an important role in the game.

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Joined: 08/02/2008
Foamboard or Paper

If you just need a no-frills tower, you can make one out of a single sheet of foamboard. My only tower is foamboard, popsicle sticks for reinforcement, and tape.

There's also a paper tower you can download (I've never used it, but people say it's good):

Not sure what you need to customize, maybe that will meet your needs (I would think one could add art to the document before printing it out).

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Yeah, foamcore/foamboard

Yeah, foamcore/foamboard would be strong and easy enough to cut.

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