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Dexterity Game Pieces?

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Hey ya’ll,

Just wanted to throw a like out there to see what where you have seen great examples of unique dexterity pieces in game? And where can you get them made?

I know you can buy wooden discs and tokens at a fairly easy rate, but what about things like the TROUBLE Sliders, or Meeples in Flick Em Up?

For example the penguins in Ice Cool, were these made for the game or were these already existing pieces that just slotted well into the game?

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Well, coronavirus aside, I'd

Well, coronavirus aside, I'd suggest starting on alibaba. Search for the sort of thing you want ("custom wooden meeple" or similar). Then read the listings and you'll see that some companies offer to make things to your spec. Ignore the listed prices. Ideally you want companies that make ALL the components you want (dice, board, cards, etc.) and turn them into full games, and that ALSO make the special stuff you're looking for.

Click through (or google) to get a little more info about the companies, and then send a few emails that clearly state what you're looking for, like:

"I've designed a board game that requires wooden meeples about 30mm high in a custom shape. Is that something you can supply? If you can provide a quote, I'm looking to make 1000 games, with 20 of these parts in each, for a total of 20,000 units. I can provide a full parts list for a quote as well. Thank you."

Here's the page for my manufacturer.. If they look promising I can give you my sales contact's info.

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