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Exploring a new prototyping tool: Melt plastic beads

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Sorry for linking to another thread, but it was more convenient to post on BGG due to the insertion of pictures inside the thread.

The concept is to use plastic beads that can be melt with an hot iron to make board games pieces. It's also possible to make 3D pieces if you use hot glue.

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Generally I like the idea

Is looks like it can be a bit chunky if you are going for something other then basic shapes. And a bit homespun. Might as well stick to paper and tape. And how much do those little beads run these days. Other then just stealing from my kids craft project they have never done.

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Fascinating beads

I also used beads as usual tokens, but nowadays I have turned to lego bricks.

I consider applying beads when doing my 2-layer tile laying and word game prototype. In the game the color of the letters and the color of under seated tiles do matter. Initial plan was to make upper layer tiles out of transparent plastic sheet. Thanks to you, now I have a cheap option. Lets see which one works better.

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