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How Big Should My Board Be?

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So I’m working on the prototype for my privateering board game (for the latest update on this, check out After working with a foam-mounted game board for a while, I am ready to order a quad-folding chipboard prototype.

My question is simply this: What is the most-used gameboard size? Is it 18x18 or 20x20? I’ve seen a lot of both, and I’m wondering if one is better than the other for any reason.

Just FYI, this 4-player game involves up to six miniature ships per person on the board at the same time. The miniatures are 1 1/2” long, and the board has approximately 90-ish spaces on it. I kind of want to get a 20x20, but it seems like I’ve seen a lot more 18x18 boards available for print, so I want some advice.

Basically, are 18x18 boards a little more user-friendly to gamers? Or is it okay to go with 20x20?

Also if anybody has any gameboard printer recommendations, please shoot ‘em at me!

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Mostly has to do with box sizes

A 20x20 board, folded will be 10x10 inches in size. That won't fit into a 10" sized box, you'll need to make it bigger like 10.25". Now on the other hand a 18x18 board, folded will be 9x9 inches in size. That can fit into 10" sized box.

Why is this important???

You'll want to see if you're not doing a "custom" box, what are the options available to you. Shipping might be a little more expensive. But I'm not sure about the pricing rules.

If you check "The Game Crafter" (TGC) the only have 18x18 and their box for this is "11.75 x 9.125". So a 20x20 board would not fit.

So you just want to be certain, wherever you are getting your BOARD -- make certain they have a BOX for it.


Note: It would be kind of bad that you make a real cool 20x20 board and then you can't find a non-custom box to fit it once folded (10x10). I'm not aware of all one-off productions, but TGC doesn't have such a box.

Meanwhile Print & Play have a 10.25x12.75 box for $17.35... Just the BOX. TGC largest box is $10.00... So like I said, it might costs a bit more on the various services that do one-off production.

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Boxes and printing

Check out Komodo printing. They may have the box your looking for. They are in Texas and in Tennessee.

They have a website as well.


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